Apple alleged to build own CPUs by 2020

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First there was the Motorola 680x0 line of processors, then came IBM and the mighty PowerPC line (who doesn’t remember the roars of the crowd as they moved from G3 to G4, G4 to a beast requiring 9 fans). After the IBM line ended with the controversial but necessary jump to Team Intel (and yes, it was true), we all thought it was all set in stone for the future of Apple computers – minus the yearly AMD rumour.
But end it doesn’t appear to be as just like the Fast and the Furious franchise, Apple loves a sequel.
Bloomberg broke the story, and it was a simple message: Apple will ditch Intel and create their own chips by 2020.
This isn’t a first for Apple, they make their own ARM based chips in mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPads. But we are talking REAL processors… for REAL computers… you know LGA sockets… x86_64 business… a third horse in a two horse race (unless we still count VIA as a thing).

An Image of Apple presents the PowerPC to Intel Transition.

Apple presents the PowerPC to Intel Transition. Wikimedia.

What does this mean for Intel? Are they happy? Being only a report from no one official the word currently stands as ‘No Comment’. This doesn’t stop us from exploring the numbers which shows that Intel is pretty much non-existent in the mobile world, while in the realm that they are the big dog from Team Blue the market is shrinking.
Intel claims their focus is in data centers and emerging automotive technologies, but if your bread and butter is shrinking you’d think losing almost 10% (Apple laptop and desktop market share combined) is a call for concern. Even outside of Apple, Intel has the threat of the new affordable line of Ryzen CPUs from long rival AMD (Team Red) taking some share in the Windows-based market.
Project Codename “Kalamata” is still in its early stages according to Bloomberg. The goal is to let Apple devices work together even better. Apple has about a billion devices with the iOS operating system in the mobile market which is ten times less than how many Macs they have in the PC market. Synergy would definitely be a focus to really seal the “Apple Ecosystem”.

AMD Ryzen 7 Box

AMD Ryzen 7 unlikely to get the iTreatment.

Looking at recent iOS and macOS updates the focus on “seamless” transition between the two OS’ is usually front and centre.
It does make you think that there could be a future where it is Team Red vs. Team Blue vs. Team Space Grey.


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