Apple Watch Series 3; Stocked, Clocked and ready to unpair from the iPhone

When Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 3 early this morning it suddenly occurred to me that there are people who are not only comfortable leaving home without their phone but wish to make the conscious decision.
Quite frankly I’m someone that feels entirely naked without my phone outside the house, I’m a tech person after all.
In days past we called people having full length indepth conversations to their wrists crazy. Now we call them Apple Watch Series 3 users (still a little crazy though).
So how does it work without your phone nearby exactly? It comes down to the electronic sim (eSIM) built into the watch, which is essentially a clone of the sim in your iPhone so it shares the same number. It acts as an independent mobile device allowing you to leave the phone on charge at home.
Run up your data bill while having a run!
The Apple Watch Series 3 has the ability to stream over 40 million songs using mobile data on Apple’s Watch OS 4. It can be used in conjunction with Apple’s Air Pods which makes it a convenient fitness companion.
And that’s the keyword: Fitness.
It’s supposed to be your personal fitness “coach” with features included to optimise your work outs. It is also water resistance up to 50 metres depth, handy for Olympic divers trying to multitask their phone calls. A good feature for hikers is its barometric altimeter that measures relative elevation. A neat feature so you can tell Telstra how high you need to be before you get bloody signal.
Apple Watch Series 3 comes in two models, one with GPS and mobile data capabilities, and the other one with GPS only.
Both feature a 70% faster dual-core processor (and new wireless tech) than the previous series.
The GPS only watch starts at AU $459 with the GPS and Mobile version starting at AU $559.
Banner and article image supplied by Apple Inc.


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