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Change And Belief: The Austin Dotson Story

A tale of never giving up and always believing in yourself

Austin Dotson is an athlete, personal trainer, fitness model, actor, influencer and a brand ambassador. He’s featured numerous times in USA Today and Men’s Health magazine.

His story is one of never giving up and always believing in yourself.

Growing up Austin was always an athletic kid. Doing martial arts (Tae Kwon Do) for five years, until later on in life where he would fall in love with football.

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He started playing football as a sophomore in high school and would later end up playing for Golden West Community college in Huntington Beach, California. Where he earned a full ride scholarship to Sacramento State University where he played for two years.

A talented wide receiver, a quality playmaker, whose a high offensive threat. It l led him to playing professional indoor football for Tri-Cities Fever, Nebraska Danger and the Spokane Shock.

Like many athletes experience in retirement, Austin felt lost. He jumped straight into the workforce doing a 9-5 job before things in his life slowly began to spiral out of control. The drinking, poor eating habits, partying, etc. It all took a toll.

It was Christmas Day, 2016, where Austin got the wake up call he needed. After being arrested for a DUI and put off work not long after.

Depressed, hurt, lost, a DUI to pay for, a daughter to raise, no money and no job. He looked at himself in disgust as he had lost his way in life and was out of shape.

It was then Austin made the brave and courageous decision to change.

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Forced to step up and make the changes that he and his family deserved. He gave up alcohol, drastically changed his diet and detoxed his body of all chemicals.

It took only three weeks and he had a six-pack and looked in better shape and condition. After five months of hard work and consistency, he was shredded like never before. Going from 18% body fat to 8%.

It gave Austin a new passion in his life, health and fitness.

Like anything in life worth doing, you have to overcome the struggles before reaching success. That’s exactly what Austin’s move into personal training was like.

The struggle of building his new business Dotty Fitness, when unsure if what he had will work. His brand is believing in yourself and he did just that, as all of Austin’s clients have achieved the results they desired.

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Putting the work in 24/7 and not giving up when things got tough. It was a long process, but it paid off in a big way.

Not motivated by money, only changing people’s lives. He has the ability to adapt to anyone and their style. His versatility and uniqueness, along with his insane workouts and unnatural abilities makes him stand out above the rest.

Since then, he’s become a successful brand ambassador for Fitplan, and fitness model for Reebok and ASVR Advanced Sportswear. As well as, appeared in a commercial directed by legendary director Peter Berg and recently signed with SAG-AFTRA as an actor.

Credit: @adotty10 Instagram

A devoted, loving and hard working father, Austin is a man that has been at the lowest of lows and now striving to reach the highest of highs.

He has earned all the success and everything he has, proving that hard work pays off and never to underestimate the power you give yourself when you believe in you.

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