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Can’t Trust a Star

Trust. A firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.
Trust is important in professional wrestling. Needing to be able to trust who your working with and beliveing that you will take care of each other is essential.

At Triplemania this past weekend, an incident occurred where that trust was broken resulting in an arm injury for Rosemary. Every time a wrestler steps foot inside the ring, they should deserve treatment and care from who they are working with and Rosemary did not receive any of that this past weekend.

An individual who intentionally hurts someone who puts their full trust in them to not hurt them, doesn’t only impact the person they are working with but hurts their own respect and reputation from other wrestlers, bookers and fans. It is a careless and classless act. Wrestlers should not feel bad for not wanting to work with them but companies should not hire them. Once you break trust, it is very hard to repair and in professional wrestling, trust can never be broken. In this case at Triplemania, not only did they act in an unprofessional manner, but they should they feel ashamed of what they did. No one needs to call her out and tell her what she did was wrong. A true professional wrestler would take responsibility for their actions and apologise both personally and publicly to Rosemary. Until then, she should be banned from performing at any and all events in the near future.

On many occasions wrestlers could have broken the trust in recent times, due to different circumstances, yet they stay professional. It shows the difference between a true professional  “superstar” and a spiteful person who wrestles.

Would like to wish Rosemary all the best in her recovery and hope to see her back in the ring as soon as possible.

Rosemary updated everyone on her Twitter (@WeAreRosemary):

“Let me make this perfectly clear: if you take liberties with someone’s body when they are giving it to you and trusting you to keep them safe, you are not tough. You are an asshole. And you don’t belong in this business.

Sexy Star decided to do just that this weekend at Triplemania. And while I have remained quiet on social media until I was more calm to address the situation, I have been informed that she is telling people it is a work. You are all now being informed Sexy Star is a liar. She was a liar in the locker room when she was forced to apologize and instead cooked up some bullshit excuse that she ‘didn’t know’ and she is a liar now. You know if you are torquing on someone’s arm. You know an armbar is a real and dangerous hold.

The only reason your face is not broken right now is because a little voice inside my head as I lay on the apron repeating ‘Don’t go to Mexican prison..’ (thanks, Demon)
However, turning to positives: the outreach from the wrestling community has been incredible. I’m overwhelmed with how much love I feel right now from friends, fans, and people I have yet to meet in this amazing business. We are a family and we protect our own. If you violate that, you are not welcome here.

I also want to thank the AAA locker room. Multiple people came up to me saying how sorry and disgusted they were. Thank you Hamada and Shani, who also had to deal with bullshit from Star during the match. Thank you, Vampiro, for professionally trying to calm a volatile situation, though, as you know, once the excuses started pouring out of Sexy Star’s mouth in leiu of an apology, it was over.

Thank you to the amazing GFW locker room, both present that night and not. I have so much support from everyone, and talent, crew and office have all reached out to show me that.”

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Luke Waskowski is an experienced journalist from Australia who covers everything from Sports, Music, Movies, Entertainment, and much more. He currently writes for Web Is Jericho and has also been a contributor to the wrestling magazine Calling Spots.

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