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WWE 2K18 and the history of Survivor Series

8 November, 2017

Spidey-senses and other stories of the Spiderman franchise

14 September, 2017

W.A.F. Reviews: “The Defenders” (2017)

9 September, 2017

Vacation stories, Spawn film, and exciting movie previews

16 August, 2017


W.A.F. Reviews: “The Trial of The Incredible Hulk” (1989)

16 July, 2017

E3 Predictions! Crash Bandicoot! Backward Compatible Gaming!

10 June, 2017

W.A.F. Reviews: “The Incredible Hulk Returns” (1988)

2 June, 2017

4th Annual Star Wars Spectacular; World’s Almost Finest

16 May, 2017

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