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Should Dak Prescott be considered for MVP this season?

Dak Prescott, a fourth round draft pick out of Mississippi State who this season so far has 12 touchdowns, two interceptions and has thrown for over 2000 yards while completing 66% of his passes, which are numbers that rival Russel Wilson right now.

Not only is this rookie lighting up the NFL, but he is most importantly producing for his Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys who are a team that who have no real identity on the defensive side of the ball but are tied for the best record in the NFL this season thanks to rookie sensation Dak Prescott taking charge. So with the sort of numbers Dak has thus far and the way the Cowboys have played this season, if it all continues should Dak Prescott this season be considered for MVP?

Let’s look at, if you take Dak Prescott out from behind the offensive line of the Cowboys and put him with another team, sure he isn’t experienced and may not perform as good as he has. The same goes for Ezekiel Elliot who also has a great start to his NFL career. That whole offensive line has a lot to do with why the Cowboys are as great as they are this season.

Detractors say that Dak leaves touchdowns on the field. But, the most important thing is that his winning games. Dak is an elite in Quaterback ratings with only Tom Brady ahead of him. But how can you put Tom Brady ahead of Dak Prescott in MVP talk? Brady has only played in half the games that Dak has. To the point of taking Dak out of the Cowboys team and placing him elsewhere and see how he plays, is why most people wouldn’t give him their MVP votes. But Dak Prescott absolutely should be in the conversation.


If you do still question yourself, how would Dak perform in another team? Also take into the consideration that with the exception of the 2014 season in which the Cowboys went 12-4, won a wildcard playoff game but lost the divisional playoff game to the Green Bay Packers. With the exception of that, what have the Cowboys done in the career of Tony Romo? Pretty much nothing.

With records of 9-7, in 2009 they went 11-5 before losing the divisional playoff game. After that, they were 6-10 then 8-8 for three consecutive years and last year they went 4-12. The bottom line is that in recent memory the Cowboys have not been that impressive, they haven’t won a Super Bowl in so many years. Then this season Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott come along with that massive offensive line and here they are producing. We are seeing Dak Prescott with all his athleticism and his durability, oppose all that with Tony Romo thats has around four back injuries in the last two and a half years whose health is highly questionable. You look at all those different things and Dak Prescott is able to take control of the Dallas Cowboys, keeping the turnovers at a minimum and performing and producing the way that he is. Is Dak Prescott the favourite for MVP, absolutely not. But there is no doubt that Dak Prescott is a MVP candidate and so he should be.

Tony Romo at his best is an excellent Quarterback, but think about the fact that he hasn’t gotten into a game and he is ready now. But Tony Romo ain’t going to get in anytime soon if Dak Prescott keeps performing, producing and playing like this. With Dak at the helm and Ezekiel Elliott performing the way that he is, there’s no doubt the future for the Dallas Cowboys is shining bright at the moment.


Although it’s unlikely that Dak will win MVP this season, he is absolutely in the conversation. With Dak performing as consistently as he is and if that consistency continues in the seasons ahead. There is no doubt that he could be a MVP in the future. The 2016 season however won’t go without rewards for Dak Prescott as he would have to be the front runner for rookie of the year alongside his teammate Ezekiel Elliott.

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