Credit: 1000tipsIT
Credit: 1000tipsIT
Shoot The Defence

Deeney’s cojones of steel & “he stopped his mate from scoring!”

EPL & rest of the world roundup | Episode 33| Season 18-19 |

Stel, Rhodri Giggs, Yiannakis and Clinton Forde review the FA Cup semi finals, Premier League results and touch on the La Liga and Bundesliga title race.

On the agenda:

The real DEAL-ufeu strikes back
Deeney’s cojones of steel
VAR does has no affect in the Kyle Walker incident
United must sell Pogba
Atrocious Arsenal
Liverpool’s name is on the title
Newcastle aren’t safe yet
Almiron hasn’t proved anything
Too easy for Barca
No sympathy for Dortmund
All this AND Eurotrash!!

Shoot The Defence