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E3 2014 Rumours

With the fast approaching E3 expo comes even faster circulations of rumours Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will showcase to the world in their designated press conferences. All eyes are on what next generation games we will see in the coming years for next generation consoles, We haven’t heard for a while now what the sale numbers are for both Playstation 4, Xbox One and Wii U. Usually that is a strong indicator as to what the majority of gamers find more appealing and paint a picture for what the future holds for each console. The Wii U for example is still struggling to produce games thus gaining poor sales whilst the Xbox One is doing better it is the Playstation 4 which is selling the highest and is the most favoured this generation. [image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’E3 2014′ align=’right’]
Last year’s E3 Microsoft gained a huge amount of heat online for it’s strict policies and strong DRM tracking. Gamers were not happy at all about having the Kinect always connected or the fact that there was a possibility that you couldn’t even play your disc games without a constant internet connection. Sony took that advantage and gave gamers what they wanted going as far as to actually blatantly state Microsoft’s unpopular policies during their press conference and tell everyone they would not impose those restrictions which gained a lot of popularity and even huge applause by the viewers.
Now a year later we have seen a drop in price of Xbox One as well as the ability to unbundle the Kinect, Microsoft has since backtracked on a lot of their policies and the console is far more better than it would have been originally if they went ahead with their plans. Sony has seen their largest ever launch sales number ever and are flying ahead of the competition in terms of units sold and that number continues to rise significantly each time we are given an updated sale figure. Nintendo’s Wii U is finally starting to produce some great games that have been eagerly awaited by Wii U owners and have announced a lot more to be coming in the following months.
There have also been a very high number of game delays lately for all consoles and most games planned for a 2014 release have been pushed back to 2015, so with such a array of delays lately it will be nice to see what they have in store for the coming months to keep us playing into the next year.
Let’s take a look at some of the rumours that are circulating about Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo for this year’s E3.
[title type=’1′ style=’regular’]SONY[/title]
Playstation 4 is their main focus this year, With the PS3 and Vita possibly getting price drops all focus is on Playstation 4. They have recently announced that from July onwards Playstation Plus subscribers will receive 2 games for Playstation 4 as opposed to just 1 which was in effect for the past couple of months. Tho they have been mainly indies lately we will definitely see some AAA games being offered in the coming months which will make this service worth every cent while the library of games continue to pile up. Sony have been hard at work working on releasing the features they have had planned since last year such as Suspend and Resume play, Controlling other people’s games, Offering free demos for every game in the Playstation Store as well as the ability to play as you download.
There are also some basic features that users have expressed strong desire for such as the ability to customise the UI, Theme and Newsfeed. The ability to pause downloads as well as DLNA and MP3 support are also strongly wanted by a huge number of players, There have also been a couple of bugs since last update so hopefully we will see or hear whats upcoming in the next system update for the Playstation 4 around E3.
President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has been hard at work on Twitter answering questions, showcasing new features, taking feedback and in the studios making sure the PS4 is enjoyable for everyone.

Playstation 4 HD remakes
[image src=’–uRZ0ZibF–/198qj0pvzn5wqgif.gif’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’The Last of Us’ align=’left’] Naughty Dog’s prize winning The Last of Us is the latest game to be polished off and given a next generation remake, In the works for a while and critically acclaimed for months Playstation users are over the moon seeing one of the best exclusive games of last generation being brought over to a next generation platform. Could we also see The Last of Us 2 teased?
The amount of remakes lately opens up the possibility of more Playstation classic games being remade and being brought to Playstation 4, notably one of the most wanted and desired game to be remade in high definition is Final Fantasy VII could we finally see it announced this year?
Click here to read more about a possible Final Fantasy VII remake.
Project Beast
The mysterious project has been in the works for a while now by Demon Souls and Dark Souls developers Sony Japan, [image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’Project Beast’ align=’right’]Being called the spiritual successor to Demon Souls this secret project has been popping up online from time to time and some glimpses have been seen. There is a big possibility of seeing this in full detail this year with information being announced as well as a release date just to add icing to the cake and make fans of the series eagerly await it’s arrival.
Demon Souls and Dark Souls are easily the most difficult games on the market today, With millions of deaths per second by the hard bosses and strong players invading and causing havoc in your world, it has gained a strong fan base of high caliber players and they are excited to see what is next for this great series.
And just to pour fuel on that bonfire, let’s take a look and praise the sun. 😉
Uncharted 4
Announced 6 months ago from today sent players into huge excitement, One of the best looking and detailed games to ever grace Playstation this legendary series has been a masterpiece every sequel.
Naughty Dog is also teasing a [highlight color=’white’ backcolor=’#ff1234′]performance boost[/highlight] for the PS4 designed by their own developers and there is a lot of speculation that this game is a step up from all the other games and creates a new standard of graphics for next generation. Be ready to see some of the best game graphics you have ever witnessed and the start of true next generation graphics.
Teased by a small Youtube video which just features the name, we will definitely be seeing this showcased during Sony’s press conference.

The Last Guardian
Rumoured to be scheduled for launch in Winter 2014, this game was actually supposed to be launched a long time ago but due to delays and technical difficulties the game was never released despite being announced years ago. The game is finally back alive and the developers have heard the outcry from fans across the world for years and it seems the gears are well and truly going again and we will finally see a completed project. The long awaited Last Guardian looks set to be released this year, more details will unravel at this year’s E3 press conference following a trailer with an expected improved engine, graphics and gameplay.
Heavenly Sword 2
One of the earliest titles released on the Playstation 3 when it launched, The fans fell in love with this female version of Kratos and played it for years, despite not having a sequel following on the same console we have now heard rumours that a possible next generation sequel of the series is in the works. Imagine doing those slow motion attacks in an unbelievably high definition world once again but this time on next generation! Ninja Theory has something up their hands.
God of War 4
Speaking of Kratos! The much loved exclusive of Playstation God of War 4 might be slamming into the show, Not much is known at this point but I can safely assume it will be a next generation carnage of even more deadly weapons and gigantic bosses. [image src=’′ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’God of War’ align=’left’]
New RPG from “Guerrilla Games”
Once again another secret project where little is known, Developers of Killzone have been teasing on Twitter that they are working on something that is a little different from what they are usually known for but something that fans will definitely love, all signs point to a RPG game.
Gran Turismo 7
The highly anticipated Gran Turismo 7 is set to be shown and in all it’s glory, easily one of the best looking and realistic car simulators on the planet there were rumours last year that Gran Turismo 6 would be launching on PS4 but it launched on Playstation 3 instead strongly suggesting that they were designating Gran Turismo 7 fully towards next generation. I can’t even begin to imagine the graphic details but I can assure you it will definitely blow your mind. They have always stepped up their graphics and physics system, Expect new brands of cars, fully customisable tracks and maybe even a Gran Turismo 6 PS4 release!
Grand Theft Auto 6
One of the biggest games out there, Grand Theft Auto V sold billions in terms of revenue and millions in terms of games. All eyes are on which city the next Grand Theft Auto will take place in, will we see another remake or possibly a completely new city? Maybe we will even see London get a high definition make over since the last time we were playing Grand Theft Auto in London was in 1999. There are also strong indicators that Grand Theft Auto V is coming to both Playstation 4 and Xbox One… Maybe we might finally see heists for GTA online?
Project Morpheus
Sony have showcased their VR device back a couple of months and it was mind-blowing, the Dualshock 4 was originally designed to go with it and it looks very exciting! So exciting in fact that Little Big Planet creators Media Molecule looks to be designing some sort of world building game for it. They might be showcasing a clip of what it might look like as well as a few other possibilities you can do in the future with Project Morpheus. [image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’Project Morpheus’ align=’right’]
The actual device itself is still in Beta stage and the design isn’t exactly finalised but the concept and possibilities it brings to video games is open to anything at this point. It is rumoured to be releasing in late 2015 and has stunning and beautiful graphics capable of containing some great visuals which will improve the more developers play around with this new toy of theirs, it really is nice to see Sony opening up a whole new world of possibilities and this might be a huge hit among gamers in the coming years.
Little Big Planet is one of the best world creating games full of endless possibilities and are the perfect company to work with this kind of potential, Speaking of Little Big Planet one can’t help but think of a Little Big Planet 3 release for the Playstation 4.
Playstation Now
Sony as a company might be struggling but Playstation on it’s own is doing really well and are planning on boosting that great performance even further with their upcoming streaming service Playstation Now which lets users stream any Playstation title they want to any device they want. It looks absolutely brilliant and might turn a huge profit for the company. An updated Playstation Now is getting shown during their E3 conference showing a much bigger list of games available on the service, A lucky few of gamers already have beta access to the service and are praising it so far. I can’t wait to test it out for myself.
DLC, Trailers and more!
Along with all the rumoured games and news, Sony will be showing some downloadable content for existing games, Last year Sony told everyone they had multiple studios working on a numerous amount of new games for PS4 and that several of those were completely new IPs so it is also likely that we will see the beginning of totally new game series as well as a few trailers for recently announced games like Driveclub, The Order 1866 and more! Other rumoured games are: a new Syphon Filter, Gravity Rush 2, Wipeout PS4 and Kill Strain. All in all a very exciting amount of rumours and surprises coming into E3 for Playstation.
[title type=’1′ style=’regular’]MICROSOFT[/title]
Xbox One will naturally be their main focus for this year’s E3, Xbox One started off roughly with fans being disappointed with them last year at their announcement for their harsh policies they have since been on a quest for redemption, They have backtracked on a lot of their policies and technicalities and have vastly improved their overall next generation product. Fans have been pleased with it thus far and even tho some issues still remain they seem to be working with customers more closely and rolling out updates to improve it even more to win back some disappointed fans. Microsoft have been hard at work tweaking some of their services such as Skype and Xbox Gold.

Recently there have been rumours that Xbox Gold will follow the Playstation Plus pattern where gamers will receive [highlight color=’white’ backcolor=’#ff0000′]free games[/highlight] each month if they are a subscriber and it looks like they will be announcing that at E3 to kick things off to a well received start.
Halo 5
Microsoft’s favourite child, their ultimate trump card for this year’s E3 will be the sneak peak at their greatest franchise. Halo has since become legendary on the Xbox systems and probably one of the most anticipated game for Xbox players. The game will feats running graphics and physics, new weapons and abilities as well as huge online multiplayer world to play in. Rumoured to be releasing in Winter 2014 we might see gameplay footage of the upcoming game as well as a remake of Halo 2 which will feature a graphic overhaul and gameplay improvement.
The below video is the teaser video Microsoft played at last year’s E3 showcasing what might be Xbox One’s best game.

Sunset Overdrive
We heard a little about it and saw a glimpse of it last year at E3, it looks whacky and fun. From the creators of Ratchet & Clank the developers at Insomniac are making Xbox One one of their exclusives this year and fans are eager to hear more details about it and see just a little more over the top gameplay. Filled with Parkour and exploration possibilities this game will go side to side with the new Ratchet & Clank game being set to be released in Late 2014.
Fable Legends
Probably not out until late 2015 a glimpse of Fable Legends will please a lot of Xbox players who enjoyed the last earlier games on previous Xbox consoles and definitely create some excitement in the air for a while amongst the Xbox audience attending the show. Not much is known at this point as it is still in early development stages but seeing as it’s a top Xbox title from previous consoles it is safe to assume we will hear about what is next to come in the Fable franchise.
Project Spark
One of the games that impressed me, this highly customisable game looked very intriguing and a bit like Little Big Planet, you can create your very own world in 3D and with stunningly amazing graphics. [image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’Project Spark’ align=’left’] Set up traps, create castle, fight your enemies and create an army of your own! There is endless possibilities in this game and hopefully we will hear more about it and see an updated trailer or clip showcasing what else you can do in this upcoming sandbox strategy game.
It has been behind closed doors in a closed beta trial since it’s announcement but no firm release date has been placed upon it.
I can’t wait to see what people come up with and make with this building tool and unleash their inner creativity and imagination, Maybe we will finally get a release date tho unlikely to be set to be released this year.
Gears of War
Another strong franchise of the Xbox brand, Players have come to expect this series with every console release and Microsoft has locked in that commitment by purchasing the title from Epic Games. Not much is known about the next Gears of War in the series but it is very likely to be shown or at least announced by the spokesperson during the Xbox press conference. It is likely to be developed by Black Tusk studios and if it is under the works, it is still in the early stages and probably not show any gameplay footage until next year.
Quantum Break
[image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’Quantum Break’ align=’right’] Xbox One is looking to go blockbuster with their exclusives, literally! From the creators of Max Payne comes a game that plays alongside a movie!? Not much is known about this title but from what we have seen you definitely will need some time to wrap your head around as to what is happening, you have stop motions happening in real time!
Like for example in the trailer it showed glass shattering stopping in mid air and people walking around with everything frozen in time. From what I can tell you will be given options of how to deal with each obstacle and each choice leads to another option, it sounds pretty complex but ultimately it might be a great idea to a great game.
Details will be announced during the show and possibly a 2015 release date will be announced.
Ryse 2
While the first Ryse focused on a Roman setting it seems likely that the next game will be set in the Medieval era, Some fans were pleased with the gameplay of the first one and tho the graphics were stunning others were disappointed at the prompt button fights rather than letting players fight freely, other than that not much else is known about this game or a possible release date but it is likely to be announced or shown briefly during the event.
Forza Horizon 2
[image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’Forza Motorsports’ align=’left’] Forza Horizon was praised by critics at launch but gained some disappointment in some fans who found the micro transactions to be a back step for the game especially after the previous Forza games were highly praised among Xbox 360 gamers, It is not confirmed but there have been some leaks that point to an early sequel and hinted at a focus on muscle cars this time around.
With a possible setting of Louisiana you will see improved graphics and game engine, possibly a new UI and a whole lot more new shiny cars.
It is speculated for a 2015 release tho nothing is announced or confirmed at this point; This could be the competitor to Gran Turismo 7.
New IP, DLC and teases!
It seems Microsoft learnt their lesson this time around and are focusing solely on games this year, It is possible Microsoft might be announcing the new Fallout 4 as well as some totally new IP games to be showcased. There will be some exclusive downloadable content for existing games for Xbox One as well as some teases and possible price drops in older hardware.
[title type=’1′ style=’regular’]NINTENDO[/title]
Eyes are on Wii U coming into E3 this year as sales of the gamepad console are struggling but it’s not all bad news at Nintendo as their portable consoles reign supreme and are their best yet. With their latest home console doing poorly it is not known what Nintendo’s future plans are as to how to turn it around and offer something customers want or need in a home console. While there is speculation of a fusion console that uses features of both potable and home console in the works right now, Nintendo has to produce some [highlight color=’white’ backcolor=’#ff0000′]must have[/highlight] games to improve sales of the Wii U.

[testimonials user=” style=’callout’ name=’Satoru Iwata’ position=’President of Nintendo’ photo=”]The fate of a video game system is often influenced greatly by the introduction of a single title.[/testimonials]
One has to agree that the problem is games, At launch the original Wii came to Wii Sports which got people used to the brand new motion controls never seen before. It showcased what was possible to every new user and it made a lot of new users by doing that, it got people talking about it and praising it making others want to try it.
Click here to read more on the problem of the Wii U.
Super Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS
Personally one of my favourite Nintendo games, this game series has received very high praise right up to their first game which launched on the Nintendo 64 and for months now there has been an updating list of fighters being included in the upcoming game as well as screenshots, trophies and clues over on the Super Smash Bros website, Click here.
The game is being brought to both 3DS and Wii U which hopefully will sell a lot more consoles, There is ongoing speculation within the community and on the Miiverse about who is going to be included next in the roster of fighters. There are already a number of new fighters which haven’t been playable in past Super Smash Bros games and it will continue to update until it’s launch at the end of the year.
You will see new footage and possibly new character announcements during Nintendo’s E3 event, check out the Nintendo direct from April detailing some info on the upcoming game.

Mario Kart 8 Wii U
Mario Kart 8 launched today following the traditional racing concept of the much loved series, With a few new tweaks and features such as anti-gravity driving and flying it has been very highly praised among veteran Nintendo players and critics who rate it among the top rating possible. You might see some future plans of Mario Kart or some DLC coming in the next few months seeing as Nintendo is pushing out more digital content recently it makes sense to keep the customers happy and to spread the word about how nice Nintendo is lately on their latest console. With the recently announced Gamecube controller you will be able to take those corners through all kinds of ways either by the Gamepad, Wii remote and now the Gamecube controller.
Animal Crossing Wii U
[image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’Animal Crossing’ align=’right’] With the massive success of Animal Crossing New Leaf on the popular 3DS and an stunningly graphical application that lets you interact with all the different villagers on the Wii U giving you a taste of what it might look like, It leaves one wondering if there is a Wii U console version of the game or a Animal Crossing for the Wii U in the works.
Hopefully we will hear something about this during the live stream during Nintendo’s showcase and we possibly learn of a release date as well as a list of new features to keep us entertained while we refuse to pay back our debts to Tom Nook. The villager recently got introduced into the Super Smash Bros roster and we might see more Animal Crossing things to come in the future in various forms but what I would love to see is a Wii U Animal Crossing, the gamepad could be very well utilised for this particular game.
Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Hot on the heels coming into E3 Nintendo revealed the Ruby and Sapphire remakes coming to 3DS late 2014 tho no footage or details were shown other than a release date, It is highly likely that we will finally see some footage and images of the new Pokemon games in development in Nintendo’s video on June 10th. We will learn what features they are revamping from the original games and see if they add anything so it is similar to the latest Pokemon games which are Pokemon X & Y. Mega evolution seems to play a major role now in the Pokemon games and a lot of the older Pokemon are getting Mega evolution stages, which Pokemon do you want to see get a mega evolution?
The Legend of Zelda Wii U
[image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’The Legend of Zelda’ align=’left’] Little is known about this game unfortunately because it’s so huge for Nintendo to announce so obviously they are doing everything possible to keep it secret, it is a game that sells consoles and a game that defines a console.
If it is the next game in the series it will be enhanced graphics, a much bigger map, tons of new weapons and items as well as the usual fan service between Link and Zelda.
But it could also be a Majora’s Mask high definition remake which has been heavily requested by die hard Zelda fans everywhere, either way we are in for a treat this E3 so expect some big games to be finally revealed!
DLC, New IP and more!
A couple of months ago there were talks within Nintendo of debuting a completely new IP that can join the famous franchises that they bring to each console, along with new DLC for games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers there will be some Wii U digital content shown straight from the Wii U shop detailing releases and upcoming events within the Miiverse.

[title type=’1′ style=’regular’]Summary[/title]

[infobox style=’regular’ static=’1′]As you can see there is a lot of speculation and it ranges from every game to every console, please remember that these are just rumours and nothing is confirmed or denied so you should take these with a grain of salt and just enjoy E3.
Thank you for reading and stay tuned for E3 which starts from June 9th in Los Angeles, California.[/infobox]

[infobox style=’info’ static=’1′]Here is the list of times for each show so you can be sure to stay up to date and stream, watching live on each of their respective streams. Remember to follow them on twitter and they will tweet the stream link before going live. Have fun!

Monday June 9th

[list style=’regular’]

[list_item]Microsoft – 9:30 a.m. PDT[/list_item]
[list_item]Electronic Arts – 12 noon PDT[/list_item]
[list_item]Ubisoft – 3 p.m. PDT[/list_item]
[list_item]Sony – 6 p.m. PDT[/list_item]


Tuesday June 10th

[list style=’regular’]

[list_item]Nintendo – 9 a.m. PDT[/list_item]
[googlemap address=’1201 S Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA’ latlng=” zoom=’16’ style=” width=’100%’ height=’240′]
For more information on the E3 expo click here.

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