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Live from the Armory

Elev8 The Game with Brittani Nikole

Live From The Armory | Episode 299

This week on the show….
One of the bright spots in meeting people through the show has been you never know what the future holds for them. When we first spoke with Brittani in 2016 she was wearing many hats for Wildkat Sports. Fast forward some 4 years later and Brittani is now the only female promoter in the State of Louisiana, and one of only a handful of female promoters in the United States. The road has not been easy. The journey has been overwhelming at times. Always candid and honest, we sit down with Brittani and talk about her promotion Elev8 Pro Wrestling, her thoughts on the current televised product, her vision for the future of Louisiana Wrestling, and much more!!!

Plus the week’s news, upcoming events, and more!!!

Show Images Courtesy of George “Heel Heat Show” Coles



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Live from the Armory