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‘Evil’ Eddie Mark Jacobson

It’s been a huge year for the General Admission (GA) family, with the podcast celebrating turning one this month. In tandem with the milestone, and toasting a second one, music journalist Genevieve Gao sat down to discuss the iconic album Breakfast at Fatboys turning 15 with ‘Evil’ Eddie Mark Jacobson, lead vocalist of Brisbane hip hop band Butterfingers. Parts seriousness and all laughter, the two let the chips fall where they may, from discussing the roots of relatable rap and hip hop, to Eddie singing a snippet of his kids’ favourite song from a family trip.

Podcast bio: After two years together on the airwaves at their university radio station, music journalist Genevieve Gao and former Blitz Radio manager Alessandra Arias decided to create General Admission (GA).The idea for GA crystallised from a collective desire to give listeners their front row ticket to the stories behind the sound, whether it be synth pop, rock, punk, RNB, hip hop – or a unique blend.

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