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Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming!

[image src=’’ title=” align=’left’]THE RETURN OF CLOUD STRIFE!

For many years fans have been begging and pleading Square Enix to remake one of the much loved games in the series, Final Fantasy VII. This year we finally got an answer and fans have had their wish granted as we now have confirmation that it is indeed happening.
After numerous times denying that a remake is in development and shaking their heads at any hopes of plans to do one in the near future, we finally have a nod and it’s finally here! Square Enix has trolled everyone by revealing their grand master secret at this year’s Playstation E3 show.
Showcasing a beautifully remastered Midgar city and a little glimpse of two of the most iconic figures from the game. This trailer has sent fans of the game into an internet frenzy. Artists are uploading new Final Fantasy VII drawings all over social media and Cosplayers are dusting off their Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife outfits.
On Youtube there are hours upon hours of funny live fan reactions showing just how excited people were when they were watching the trailer being revealed live at E3. Grown men and women everywhere flipped out, some cried and some held their jaw as it dropped to the floor.

When the trailer ended and the word ‘remake’ appeared fans went crazy at the Playstation E3 show and social media lit up like a storm with the hashtag trending worldwide #FinalFantasyVIIRemake

You can watch the live reactions here.
[image src=’’ title=” align=’right’]Last year fans were trolled at Playstation Experience when Square Enix took to the stage and a Final Fantasy VII graphic was displayed and the Square Enix representative laughed as he knew exactly what people were thinking.
Fans stood up seeing the graphic and cheered thinking the remake was finally happening but it turned out to be just another platform release of the original game this time for the Playstation 4.



[image src=’’ title=” align=’left’]Final Fantasy VII released for the original Playstation console on January 31st 1997 which was 18 years ago today! Do you feel old yet? It was regarded as the best game ever by a lot of it’s fans and brought hundreds of hours of gameplay with an unforgettable storyline that is regarded as an instant classic. As newer consoles came out with better graphics, features and performance, fans were starting to spark up with the idea of remastering Final Fantasy VII for newer consoles using state of the art high graphic capabilities. It topped the charts of top 10 games that need a remake for years and fans have tried modding the original with newer graphics.
When the Playstation 3 came out it was not long after that we saw a video technical demonstration of what Final Fantasy VII might look like on PS3 and thats when rumours of a remake started to really take shape around the globe. Interviewers and fans across all corners of the globe started wanting answers and continually asked the Square Enix staff if a remake is in the works but have been consistently denied or avoided.
Square Enix would usually say something along the lines of “it would take too much work” or that “they wanted to work on other things to surpass Final Fantasy VII”. But fast forward to Playstation 4 and Xbox One and now consoles are very highly advanced. Development is a lot easier than using Playstation 3’s system architecture plus the Playstation 4 has a lot better performance and can handle large open worlds with high end graphics.

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Now the question is, what will the remake be like? Will we see the original turn based combat or the newer version seen in the latest game, Final Fantasy XV. I would personally love an option to change it to whatever suits the individual. Some might want to play the classic way like in the original game while some just want to hack and slash just like Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts.
[image src=’’ title=” align=’right’]When interviewed, Square Enix stated that some elements of the game will be slightly variated and there will be some differences from the original but what is changed remains to be known.
We only know that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be Playstation 4 timed exclusive so far and that they will be releasing more details at the end of the year, we might see more footage and trailers of the remake in the works. So stay tuned!
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