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Flick the Lite Switch!

Nintendo releases cheaper variant of the Switch

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a hand-held variant of the flexible Nintendo Switch, exchanging several characteristics — such as removable phones and the capacity to plug the device into a TV — for a longer battery life and a lower cost of $329.95 (AUD) One of the main selling points on the conventional Switch (in addition to its portability) is its versatility— the buttons.

The Switch Lite eliminates most of this, coming with continuously connected buttons, no rumbling function, no Labo attachment and no TV functionality but maintaining the portability and usefulness of “gaming on the go” for which the Switch consoles are known.

The Switch Lite features a 5.5-inch 720-pixel touch screen (opposed to the 6.2-inch full-size model) and a much higher battery life owing to the lack of a TV-specific processor. It is also smaller and lighter, coming in at approximately 277 g — not to mention being accessible in yellow, gray or blue.

Image: Nintendo

Also, the continuously connected buttons feature a directional entry button not discovered on the full-size switch— not to mention contributing to the unit’s robustness as well as having to lose two less stuff.
The fresh edition will be more centred on portability for children and gamers than characteristics.

Image: Nintendo

Nintendo claims the Switch Lite can run all the games in the Switch collection that promote portable mode— most of them— but there are some games that involve detachable Joy-Con controllers, such as Super Mario Party. In the Nintendo eShop and on game covers, these games are recognised as such.

While the Switch Lite retains many of the common characteristics of the full-size version, its focus on mobile gaming and reduced cost point— the RRP on the conventional switch is around $469.95, although often on purchase for less — is probable to have some attraction, particularly for families who are searching for something appropriate for their older gaming-age kids in the run-up to Christmas and more concentrate on gamers.

Also – I guess – farewell 3DS!

Image: Nintendo. Note all prices are in Australian Dollars including GST.

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