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Homecoming Queen is Football Queen

Winner Winner

Kaylee Foster was honoured with the title homecoming queen of Ocean Springs High School. Usually this would be followed by celebrations, a lot of photos, and perhaps an afterparty.

Kaylee Foster, Queen on and off the field. Source: Provided.

A few hours later she had to ditch the crown, not for malice, but because she had to fit a football helmet.

Kaylee took to the field and kicked the winning extra point to lead her team to a 13-12 victory over George County High School, local news outlets reported.

Foster kicked two field goals earlier, giving her a majority of the team’s points. The sun does not set on the kingdom of Kaylee.

Primarily an association football (soccer) player, Foster has been a player in football varsity since beginning high school and a royal member of homecoming court for the past four years.

She put her crown back on after the game, posing for photos in her uniform. Two wins in one night.

American Football