IGNITE Wrestling's Kim Artlip….Take 2

Episode 190 LIVE From The Armory Wrestling Show She is one of the only a few female wrestling promoters in the United States. Her vision to carry IGNITE Advocacy forward has inspired us all. Did we also mention she is cool as hell?? Over a year ago we introduced you to Kim and we stop back by to get an update and talk everything from today’s social issues permeating wrestling, to wrestling itself!! Plus the week’s news, upcoming events, and more!!! [button text=”DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE” url=”http://www.blogtalkradio.com/live-from-the-armory/2017/02/02/lfta-ep153-were-ready-for-our-close-up-wrobert-holt.mp3″ size=”large” type=”inverse” icon=”folder-open” iconcolor=”white” target=”_blank”] Recorded LIVE on Blog Talk Radio Wednesday Nights 7pm EST Streamed Worldwide On: www.fnx.network We are on iTunes We are on Stitcher We are on YouTube Follow Us On … Continue reading IGNITE Wrestling's Kim Artlip….Take 2