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Interview With Rising Music Producer DHEM

Speaking on everything from proudly representing his Niuean and Samoan heritage, his love for music and his latest single “HEAVEN” ft. Diggy Dupe, Skenzo, Stunna and Miggz releases on November 26th.

Growing up, music was a constant throughout his life and would quickly become his passion. Now DHEM has been able to turn his passion into his career as a music producer.

Inspired by the freedom of creating and contributing my music and art to the world, DHEM proudly represents his Niuean and Samoan heritage in the music industry and feels great responsibility on his shoulders.

What does it mean to you personally to be able to represent your Samoan and Niuean cultural heritage in the music industry? 

“My cultural heritage means so much and is so important to me. I have to be conscious about how I might have some influence on someone who is also Samoan and Niuean, so I want to represent proudly and leave a positive influence. 

It wouldn’t be until he discovered hip hop that he really fell in love and became fascinated with everything music. Wanting to learn as much as he possibly could, he did everything to learn and understand how the sounds, beats and music were created, how they were put together and the technology and system behind it all.

What was it about hip-hop in particular that made you become so passionate about music and want to learn whatever you could about it?

“My passion for music draws from my upbringing. Music being played at home often with one of the main genres being hip hop.”

Credit: @dhemonline/Instagram

Listening to DHEM’s work you get a soul, dark, emotional feeling from his work. You can feel the HipHop and R&B influences from his inspirations Kayne West, PartyNextDoor and The Neptunes. All of whom shifted the culture forward and pioneered their own sound. They haven’t just been an influence on him through their music but also outside of music.

What was it about Kayne West, PartyNextDoor and The Neptunes that attracted you to them and inspired your work?

“Those guys all shifted the culture, sound your headspace. That’s power!”

Taking inspiration in creating a business in clothing and style, DHEM started his own brand in “DHEM Offline” selling clothing and eyewear.

Where did the idea to start your own brand “DHEM Offline” come from?

“DHEM Offline is just something that I’ve always really wanted to do. Sell a product. I’ve stuck my nose into design, fashion and e-commerce. I’m just missing one thing that will help me push my brand, that’s capital.”

Open to collaborate with any artists from any genre, throughout his career DHEM has worked with and produced for artists right across Australia, New Zealand, UK & the USA. Artists including the likes of Ceefoe, PT, Kenai, 1TakeOcho, and many more.

How rewarding to you was it to be able to have Ceefoe, Kenai and 1TakeOcho all involved in your debut track “Rollin”?

“The biggest reward from Rollin was being able to release my very own song independently along with a great team.”

On May 28 this year he released his own debut track “Rollin” which also features Los Angeles based artists Kenai and 1Takeocho, along with Utah-based rapper from the Pacific diaspora, Ceefoe. Since then, DHEM has been putting in the work for a slew of new tracks to release.

Credit: @dhemonline/Instagram. Artwork by @ben2k23/Instagram

One of those tracks is his next single “Heaven Master”. Released on November 26, you get the deep and meaningful messages throughout with an incredible sound and the emotion that music by DHEM always delivers. 

What was the inspiration behind “Heaven”?

“What is heaven on earth? That’s the question that inspired the concept. With fantastic contributions from Miggz who wrote the hook around just that concept. Stunna spoke on what’s going on in London, Skenzo spoke on issues and questioned a few things about certain individuals, and Diggy painted us a picture about his journey”

The future for DHEM is bright with endless opportunities in sight. With his creativity and skills, along with the motivation to show his capabilities and to represent his Samoan and Niuean heritage to the highest standard, DHEM is someone to to be listening to for years to come.

Is there anyone you hope to collaborate with one day and what’s some of your future goals moving forward in your career?

“Would definitely love to work with people such as Drake, Kanye, Pharrell, Young Thug, Future, 6lack, Jay-Z one day. Moving forward, ownership! Own my music, a home and my time. All whilst consistently dropping good music and quality content.”

Credit: @dhemonline/Instagram

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