Isabella Manfredi reveals One Hit Wonder

Electrifying Presence

With multiple ARIA nominations, accolades and global tours under her belt, Isabella has become a strong artist advocate in the Australian music scene. She is a founding member of #KeepSydneyOpen, has spoken openly as part of the #MeToo and #MeNoMore movements including as panellist on Q&A, was part of the advisory board for the inaugural Australia Women in Music Awards patroned by Chrissy Amphlette and is an APRA ambassador and mentor.

Following the lauded release of her first solo single Jealousy, Isabella Manfredi returns with her second single One Hit Wonder, lifted from her forthcoming debut solo album, due this year.

“When I walked into the session for One Hit Wonder in March 2020, two weeks before the pandemic really hit. The Preatures had already been in limbo for eighteen months and I had been off the stage and in stalemate”.

Premiered on triple j, One Hit Wonder is a bitter-sweet send off to a love gone awry. It’s a call and response realisation backed by a muscular drum and bass groove, invigorating percussion, melancholic piano and a ripping guitar solo, with Isabella’s stirring vocal reflections crafting blissful harmonies out of a dissonant situation.

“It could be a Preatures song. But I was really saying I was done with the band before I was ready to admit it to myself. I think sometimes it can be hard to swallow that the strongest thing you can do is cut your losses and walk away. It’s also right to acknowledge when something truly was wondrous and leave it at that”.

Pre-pandemic, Isabella spent much of 2019 collaborating, and recording in Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, London, Paris, and Berlin. Returning to her hometown of Sydney she continued working on her debut solo album with award-winning co-producer Chris Collins and an all-star line-up of the country’s most talented artists and songwriters.


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