Italy v Brazil | Group Stage 2019

FIFA Women's World Cup | Stade du Hainaut

All three games in Brazil were hard won and scored in the next round, but Seleção eventually took the second–or even the bottom–point in the pool with a small margint of win. This implies that the ring of 16 opponents will be much harder: either France or Germany are targets.

The result was a nice one independent of the permutations. Their objective of the 17th World Cup lasted 83 minutes to guide Miroslav Klose in men’s and women’s versions in front. In France, her fitness is growing to her good shape. Italy was eventually saddened by the defeat, because its counterattack style couldn’t guarantee a victory, but it won their prior wins.

“Without question this is a big opportunity that we have here. We can use this platform to push for more support for equality, for women empowerment. This is not news, this is just business as usual but yes we try to represent and show how much women can play any type of role. This is a World Cup that’s being viewed by a lot of people, it’s not only South America, not only Brazil, but all the other teams are representing as well. There are many other women playing different roles, let me make this clear, that it”s not only in sport, this is a struggle for equality across the board.”
Marta, Visa Player of the Match

Marta knows Brazil has to play a very tough game in round 16 with the third position. However, the victory and the match against Italy trust the team.

It was about as close as a set of women’s World Cup can finish, with interchanges between second and fifth place several occasions. The Australians finally finished second in a notable four-goal achievement from Sam Kerr with a tie-breaker who finished ahead of Brazil with their objectives.

The Matildas face Norway Saturday in Nice, while Italy heads to Montpellier on Tuesday for its last 16 confrontations. Like Brazil who finished third and entered the knockouts tonight, they have to expect to know from their next adversary.

“We’ve realised that we need to play football. We kept the ball on the ground and it was a rather even opening period, where perhaps we might have deserved something more. After the break we stopped playing football and played too many long ball forwards and that’s where we began to struggle. We dropped too deep and when you come up against top technical players, the likes that Brazil boast, ultimately they can come up with significant moments.”
Milena Bertolini, Italy Coach

A second return from Valenciennes was not on the card for Italy, which had already qualified for the next round to face its most technically tough adversary. The Azzurre was close on the back, admitting only after punishment, and was in the pause with the Giacinti-Girelli Partnership that worried Brazilian Defence, when it was pushed away into a counter offensive manner. Despite the loss, the two wonderful earlier shows of Azzurre have first taken them away from the band.

For the Brazilians, the second half was almost perfect. They could hold the ball and be efficient, avoiding the hazardous counters of Italy. Marta did as usual, but for the performance she deserves Andressinha and Debinha, too. Goalkeeper Bárbara gave back safety as well. Sadly, their victory was not enough to complete second in the pool, and now you have to wait to know about your possible rivals.

Image: Kane Oosty/FIFA