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Italy wins Euro 2020

The UEFA European Championship has been decided

After the official start of the European Championship, under a lot of spotlights, people discovered that this Italian team has really changed. There is no ineffective ball-handling and foreign workers, high-ranking pressure, advocating a kick, insisting on playing straight behind, no longer “1:0 doctrine”, Mancini’s team tore off the conservative and slow-heating label. After the entire game, the Italian team gave reporters the feeling of just one word-fast. For example, in the third goal against the Turkish team, the Italian team only used a simple three-foot pass after stealing the ball to tear the opponent’s defense line. In the first battle with Switzerland, Locatelli, who opened the record as the initiator and finisher of the offense, ran the most half of the game in just ten seconds. In Spain, it took less than 15 seconds from goalkeeper Donnarumma to throw the ball to start the attack, to the final goal of Chiesa.

While the offensive end is sharp, the Italian team’s housekeeping defensive ability is not missing. In the knockout match against Austria, the team created a record of not conceding a goal in 1,168 minutes. After that, whether it was a desperate move against the Belgian opponent in the last ten minutes, Still facing Spain’s nearly 70% possession rate, this defense line with Bonucci and Chiellini as the core has withstood the test. It is no exaggeration to say that the Italian team is the best performing team in the entire European Championship, the king of Europe, it deserves its name.

“What’s the use of me? We need to score goals, not draws!” In the play-off match with Sweden, the camera captured such a shot. The furious De Rossi rejected the coaching staff’s warm-up arrangement in a disobedience manner. Then he pointed to Insigne next to him, “Should be on him!”

As the best technical player in Italy in recent years, Insigne was not fully trusted during the Ventura period. On the contrary, after the arrival of Mancini, Insigne wearing the No. 10 jersey was established as the center of the striker, and this is also a microcosm of Mancini’s three years of taking over. In the team’s main 433 system, the three main midfielders Verrati, Jorginho and Barrera all have the same technical stream, and pure engineering players such as Gattuso and Parolo no longer have a place. , This is also the basis for maintaining Italy’s pass-and-control play.

It is true that this team lacks a superstar with strength and popularity like Totti, but fortunately, there is no clear distinction between the main players and the substitutes. Except for the third goalkeeper Merret, the other 25 players all appeared. Whether it is the absolute main player Insigne, the regular rotation player Locatelli, or the last minute replacement for the injured Sensi to catch the last train, Persina played an important role in the team’s way to win the cup.

The joke of “Italy is weak” was hyped before the game, but those who are familiar with Italian football understand that this Italy is really not weak. Perhaps due to the impact of the overall exposure of Serie A, Italian players have not been widely recognized, but football is played. Is it a simple value table or so-called traffic?

How high is the ceiling for this team? Except for Chiellini, who is getting older, the main framework of the team will be preserved in next year’s World Cup, which also means that the team’s lower limit will not be low.

Leave the World Cup for tomorrow’s consideration! The Italian team, please enjoy the carnival, just like Bocelli chanted in the opening ceremony-tonight, no one is asleep.


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