Creative Writing

It's No Game

Screaming and yelling at each other… just another day spending time with the girlfriend.
I could see the frustration on her face, her eyes turning from a glare to a twitch, trying to bite her tongue and not say exactly what was on her mind.
She does the loud over exaggerated sigh and pushes her hair back swiftly,
wiping the sweat off her brow.
Her frustration is clearly intensified as I make a mistake.
She turns her head to make an insult or sigh again loudly to ensure I know she is getting annoyed.
I don’t understand why she is getting so defensive.
I resist from throwing insults and making jokes, that would just make the situation worse.
I take a deep breath and keep my thoughts hidden.
Another mistake, another loud sigh expelled.
Finally I snap, “It’s a fucking game!”.
Playing Super Mario with your girlfriend is dramatic…
…and involves more yelling than a night working an under staffed shift at MickyD’s.

Creative Writing

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