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I almost never have any luck when it comes to “Recommended Pages” or “Here’s something our algorithm came up with for you”. So much so I almost never check these lists. Last weekend on Instagram I somehow found myself on such a list however, maybe I tapped the wrong button, and for once I was glad my clumsiness came into play and at a time that such a list finally delivered something I did enjoy.

Jai Maree, Artist.
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Enter Jai Maree, a 22 year old singer and songwriter from Newcastle, Australia.

She covers many songs and they are done with a twist of her RnB and Soul style, they are appealing and beautiful covers however there are people who are destined to cover and then there are those who are here to create. Jai is here to create. Quite frankly, this is a style of Australian soul music that has never been heard before and is set to create a wave tidal proportions in the Aussie music scene.

“My big goal would be to release an album that young girls and boys could relate to.”

Her original songs are simply remarkable, ‘Trust Issues’ (above from her YouTube account) tells a story of an untrusting boyfriend being (for the lack of better words) quite a tosser. It’s sung with all the organic emotion layed out, an amazing song that demonstrates her vocal range, song writing ability and style. Replayability? Well I’ve had this on loop for the last 40 minutes and it’s a song just shy of 4 minutes. It’s one of her more Pop/RnB leaning songs but Soul is without a doubt at the heart of this track.

On the flip side, ‘Covered in Your Art’ is pure emotion, pure soul and thoroughly raw. An anthem for a relationship that has left the protagonist with life changing emotional scars with the climax of overcoming the harsh patch and seemingly becoming free from the shackles.

I spoke with Jai recently:

Who inspires you? Who fuels your songwriting?

“My inspiration and favourite artist, who I’ve been following for 8 years now, is Tori Kelly. She inspired me to write, play guitar and work on my singing more. I’ve always been moved by how deep she connects to a song and performs them to her fans. Another artist who I am loving recently is Bebe Rexha, her honesty in her lyrics have made me want to write more personal songs and put them out for everyone to hear and hopefully connect to as well.”

How did you get started? Have you played live for a crowd?

“I was 8 years old when I started singing. I opened up my primary school talent quest… I don’t think I was good enough at the time to make it into the actual competition!

I was very lucky enough to be apart of “RAW” which is a showcase for all things creative and I have performed at Newcastle’s “Lizottes” which was pretty cool, I got to perform my original songs live, which I don’t get to do very often. I do gigs nearly every weekend now, which I love being able to do.”

Source: Provided

How would you describe your style in your own words?

“My style in music varies, I could write and sing a song with a real old school Rnb sound and then the next day I’ve written a country pop track haha. I don’t like to stick to one genre of music, I like to experiment a lot with sounds, that’s the fun thing about music! But my heart will always be with RnB and Pop.”

Where to from here? What’s the dream?

“I have small dreams and I have big dreams. More like goals really. My first goal would be getting together some of my most personal songs and releasing an EP in the next year. My big goal would be to release an album that young girls and boys could relate to. I have to thank a lot of artists out there who’s songs helped me through tough times, so having people inbox me or come up to me saying “your lyrics and your voice helped me through such and such situation” is the number 1 reason why I choose to do what I do…”

“ a way, I’m already living my dream.”

Jai Maree can be found on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

She will be the supporting act for Kristy James at the Catho Pub in Catherine Hill Bay on the 12th of August 2018 around noon.

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