Japan v England | Group Stage 2019

FIFA Women's World Cup | Stade de Nice

England finished its team phase at the Stade de Nice and began at the same stadium with a win inspired by Ellen White. The Lionesses ‘ No.18 took hold today-her third objective in two attempts in France 2019–to secure a 100% record for Phil Neville’s side.

Despite advancement, the feeling for the Nadeshiko is mildly distinct. After a frustrating night in Nice they end second in the band but must think. They had spells, but they often scorned ownership and opportunities–with England’s clinical conclusion.

“England are a very good team, very powerful. Their attack was very quick and we were trying to respond to that. We conceded a goal in the first half because of error, and then we backed off a little because of that. But in the second half we did manage to gain our composure but unfortunately we couldn’t score. Then, again, England scored. We managed to get through to the knockout stage and the things we should do have been defined in our past matches. We need to be very prepared for the last round.”
Asako Takakura, Japan coach

Late, early tragedy saw Argentina return from three objectives to draw 3-3 in Paris during the next group match. This implies that La Albiceleste finishes fifth and has a slight opportunity to reach the last 16 as one of the four top 3.

England was evaluated in the first quarter of all the park by Japan and Ellen White drew off the warmth of the soldiers of Phil Neville, who had been expertly assigned by the hard-working Georgia Stanway.

“I’m delighted to contribute to this team in any way I can on or off the pitch. Contributing with two goals is a dream really. I’m surrounded by talented players on the pitch. For us it was about winning the group – that’s what we’ve done – and now we look forward to the round of 16. Nice has been good to me, I’m delighted to have scored three goals here. Hopefully I can continue doing that celebration as the tournament goes on.”
Ellen White, Player of the Match presented by Visa

The profligacy of Japan led the Lionesses, white, to grab their second after the split. This play was just another objective. The eight modifications in Neville brought new energy and tremendous power through broad and central spheres. Stanway and Rachel Daly shone, while defense knowledge held stuff firm. Of course, there should no longer be any doubt about the burial of the monsters of Canada in 2015.

“We profile every player. It depends on what team we’re playing. There are certain players who are our experts in certain games. We need to know which team we’re playing, then decide how they play, how we’re going to beat them and see the players which fit the profile the best. That’s what rotation is about. It’s not about throwing 23 players into a hat and pulling out 11. We stategically plan each rotation. Sometimes if you make more thanf five you suffer in the rhythm and the flow and I think we did that tonight. We knew that at times we were going to suffer but I think it was a game that we needed to have to keep us focused.”
Phil Neville, England coach

There was a certain distinction in tempo and power between the two parties. The first one would have to be done by Nadeshiko before their knockout. After the break, the output of the team enhanced but also granted a second objective. It was not entirely negative, but Asako Takakura needs a lot to think about.