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Live From the Armory: Episode 99

This Week on the Show…..
We welcome The American Psycho Lance Hoyt to the program! We sit down and talk with Lance about his career which includes working for NJPW, NWA, TNA, WWE, ECW, and various other promotions. Lance has worked with amazing talents over his career and has traveled the world. Lance was featured in the mini-documentary Bump:Lance Hoyt which drew rave reviews from fans and fellow wrestlers alike! Join us as we get to know more about the man known as The American Psycho…
We’ll also have the week’s news, upcoming events, and rumblings as we see them.

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  • Bunkhouse Bob
    10 December 2015 at 6:45 AM

    This episode and interview with Lance Hoyt both Lora and I feel is our best work to date. We hope you enjoy the interview and find it as entertaining as we do!

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