Marcel Braithwaite: You May Not Know Of Him Now But You Will.

Fighting out of Liverpool, England, boxing prospect Marcel Braithwaite has won numerous amateur competitions including the ABA and National titles, as well as having the honour of representing England.
Trained by highly respected coach Wayne Smith, Marcel Braithwaite has got star quality written all over him. Marcel is full of confidence in his own ability and has big plans for his future. He is determined to put the work in to become a world champion in the sport that he loves and lives for.
Braithwaite has worked hard to rise above adversity throughout his life, leading him to where his passion to become a boxer began at the Golden Gloves boxing club in south Liverpool.

Sitting at a record of 4-0 after defeating the likes of Anwar Alfadil, Craig Derbyshire, Jules Phillips and Luke Flash. Braithwaite has had an impressive start to his young professional career, since his debut in November 2016. Known as “The Chosen One” he doesn’t want to replicate anyone else in boxing, he just wants to be unique and be himself.
Braithwaite’s potential is undeniable, he continues to get better and improve after every bout. There is no doubt that he has a huge future ahead of him and on the back of his work ethic and determination, he will make sure that his dream becomes a reality. Marcel Braithwaite is a boxer you may not have heard of but within a few years he will be one of the most talked about boxers on the scene.
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‪Instagram: @mb_thechosenone

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  • Marlon Williams
    5 August 2017 at 11:32 PM

    I’ll be sure to keep an eye on him… Boxing was my first love and I’m always down to support a great fighter.

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