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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 2015

[image src=’’ width=’200′ height=’300′ title=’Kept you waiting huh?’ align=’left’]Big Boss is back in action!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is getting closer each day to release and with E3 2015 came a new gameplay trailer of the highly anticipated masterpiece by Hideo Kojima.
Showcasing brand new features as well as a great 80’s soundtrack addition that Snake can collect the tapes of and listen to them on the go, This incoming action packed game will also feature all types of buddies you can choose between various missions to follow you and help along the way.
Each buddy has both advantages an disadvantages in each specific circumstance you find yourself in. Quiet is great at covering large areas with her sniper rifle while D-Dog is great at sniffing out hidden enemies and items. D-Walker is a new enemy intruded in the video and he is an advanced robot with a variety of arsenal to both take on enemies and transport Snake over a large territory using his funny looking running and driving capabilities.
If a buddy gets seriously injured during battle then Miller will try to evacuate your injured buddy just before they die but you have to provide cover and make sure enemies don’t destroy their fulton balloon so they can get rushed to Mother Base for treatment safely. You will also need to recruit a good medical crew aboard Mother Base to ensure good treatment!

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[image src=’’ width=’200′ height=’300′ title=’Phantom cigar time travels’ align=’right’]Snake can command buddies in a variety of ways, He can tell them to stay or distract guards so Snake can sneak around and take them out while their focus is shifted elsewhere.
D-Dog is very useful when distracting guards as he can bark very loudly and even pounce on unalerted guards patrolling the area. Snake can even reward D-Dog by giving him a nice friendly pat on the head for doing such a good job. I’m not sure if he can do that with Quiet too but I hope so.
CQC opens the doors to many benefits, as fun as blasting and shooting down thousands of enemies sounds it is more useful to Snake to quietly sneak around and hold up enemy soldiers and get as much intel as you can out of them. A very useful part about this tactic is that you can find language interpreters who can provide you with subtitles to all the different languages you overhear out on the battlefield.
So if you come across Russian soldiers talking and have a Russian interpreter onboard Mother Base he will help you understand what they are saying which might lead to the location of a useful item, captured ally or even blueprints for custom weapons.
Snake can radio in and order very in depth customised weapons to be sent to any place of his choosing to rendezvous with and collect. In the video, Snake orders in a suppressed Sniper Rifle on top of a sand hill to take out the enemy sniper with, Each gun is highly upgradable and is shown in the helicopter during mission briefings onboard Snake’s chopper as well as various photos of Snake’s minimally clothed buddies and some pretty cute fluffy goats.
For science purposes of course.

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