Microsoft unveils Windows 10 S

Microsoft has introduced a new operating system to be used specifically in the education sector. This is a stripped-down variant of Windows 10, which is only compatible with software from the Windows Store – no traditional executables for this edition. Windows 10 S’ version of the Windows Store will differ slightly than its main counterpart to make up for the lack of executable support.
Windows 10 S should not only blaze in speed than its big brother, but have longer battery life due to it’s optimised focus on “modern apps”.

Microsoft was not subtle in insisting on Windows 10 S’ suitability for educational institutions. Considering in the US education sector many schools are now using Google’s Chromebooks this is clearly the first shots at their target for market share.

Microsoft also presented a number of new laptops from partner companies, which are supposed to be available in the summer (winter for us in the southern hemisphere) starting at $189 USD as part of the Windows 10 S launch. In addition, Windows 10 S will be available as an opiton on the new Surface Laptop that Microsoft introduced after the Windows 10 S presentation.


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