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Nikita Whitlock, a victim of hate crime and racism #RacismIsReal #EndTheHate

Last week on Tuesday night, New York Giants full-back Nikita Whitlock and his family had a break in on their New Jersey apartment that burglars left disgusting racist graffiti.
The burglars took jewellery and scrawled a swastika, “KKK” and “Go back to Africa”. Whitlock told New York’s WCBS-TV, “It’s about to be 2017. Oppression, violence, racism, hatred, violence, there’s no need for that.”
These despicable actions, just reassures that no matter where you are and who you are, this can and will happen to anybody.
The Moonachie Police Department police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.
Whitlock, a second-year player out of Wake Forest, was the Giants’ fullback and a key special-teams contributor last season. He also played as a pass-rushing defensive tackle. Started five games, had a sack and finished with four special-teams tackles.
But, regardless of the fact that Nikita Whitlock is a NFL player, the fact is that he is a human being and no human being deserves to have that happen to them or deserves to be treated differently based on their race, colour, beliefs of anything like that.
It is hard to fathom that hate crimes like this and racism is still happening when we are are in 2016 heading into 2017 to anyone, anywhere in the world. It’s sad to see people do a terrible act like this or hate another person based on race, religion or anything of that nature. You don’t fight racism with racism, you fight racism with solid Hopefully sooner rather than later we see change and we can only hope that one day we will see people treated equally. Unfortunately it’s hard to see any change coming anytime soon.
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