Nikki Webster returns with GIRLS

Follow your nostalgic heart

Her last album was in 2004, her last single released in 2009, she made a modern re-recording of her hit Strawberry Kisses in 2017.

Nikki back in the early 2000’s.
Source: @nikkiwebsterofficial, Instagram

Here we are in the final weeks of 2020, a dark year for many and the heavens have opened up.

Say it with me: Nikki. Webster. has. a. new. album.

We all met Nikki in 2000 as the girl in the Sydney 2000 opening ceremony, after that she graced the Australian music charts for the following summers with pop albums ranging from original pieces to motown tributes.

After an absence from the industry, she popped up recently on The Masked Singer in Australia – one of the few people you probably said “Oh I know her!”.

Now she comes out with 12 new songs for you to get toe tapping again.

“I’m so excited to say, I’ve released a brand new album, Girls! The twelve new songs are available now on Apple Music and Spotify. I hope you enjoy them!”

-Nikki Webster, via Instagram

You can find the album on Spotify and Apple Music.