Okay Google, Send a WhatsApp message

Google Now users can now send their messages dictated via WhatsApp and other 3rd Party messengers. This is great news… if you speak English.
Instead of taping away like a caveman (Cavemen used QWERTY right?) all you will simply need to do is say “OK Google, send a WhatsApp message to ” which is the command to start the dictation into the popular messenger. Along with WhatsApp, the new function supports Viber, WeChat, Telegram and Next Plus.
First, the new feature is only available in English. For WhatsApp dictates one must therefore change the system language to English of Android. But Google is supposedly working on other language versions (To be fair us Australian’s are waiting for non-US English to become available on Cortana on Windows 10).
The developers want more Google Now fluid relationships with Apps and this is one of their best displays to show how that will work in the third party area.


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