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Point of No Return Music Video Released by Ricki-Lee

Single release from upcoming On My Own album release in 2023

Ricki-Lee Coulter, our Aussie pop star and telly host, has dropped her new banger Point Of No Return on 20 July, 2023. The tune is a disco-inspired dance-pop anthem that celebrates falling in love and making gutsy choices.

Point Of No Return is the second single from Ricki-Lee’s upcoming sixth album, following the emotional ballad On My Own, which came out in May 2023. The singer said that she wanted to show a different side of herself with this upbeat track.

“This is a song about falling in love, but there’s also a second meaning to the chorus for me, which is that I’ve decided to do things my way and there’s no turning back. There’s a certain buzz and excitement that comes with making a big decision and following it through…it’s quite a wild ride,” she said.

The song was written by Ricki-Lee, Anthony Egizii, David Musumeci and David Schuler, and produced by DNA and David Schuler. Ricki-Lee thanked her mates for helping her “conceive” the song in an Instagram post. She also revealed that the song was inspired by her hubby Richard Harrison, whom she married in 2015.

“This is absolutely a love song about falling in love with my beautiful husband,” she said on Sunrise. “But for me, there is a rush that you get when you make massive decisions in your life and you follow something through and you decide, ‘I’m doing this and there’s no turning back’. There’s a real freedom in that.”

The music video for Point Of No Return was directed by Arielle Thomas and filmed at Calder Park Raceway in Melbourne. The video features Ricki-Lee racing around the track in a vintage car and performing with dancers in a neon-lit warehouse. The singer said that she was “living out my Queensland bogan girl dreams” and expressed her love for Formula 1 and Supercars.

“I love that I was able to bring that to this song,” she said. “I never would have imagined in my life that I would be releasing music, hosting TV shows and a radio show. It still blows my mind. I don’t know how I find time in the day to do all the things but I guess when you love what you do it’s easy and fun.”

Ricki-Lee is currently juggling her music career with hosting Channel 7 shows Australian Idol and Australia’s Got Talent, as well as co-hosting Nova’s drive show Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel. She said that music is her “baby” and her “favourite of all the great things” she gets to do.

Point Of No Return is available to stream and download on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and other platforms. Fans can also watch the lyric video and the official video on YouTube. Ricki-Lee’s new album is expected to be released later this year.


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