Renee Gracie return to Track Racing?

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Renee Gracie has gained a significant following online thanks to a series of hot snaps on the spicy subscription site O *** Fans, and says her return to the track could revive the “repetitive” sport.

The former stunning V8 Supercars left the high stakes sport in 2017 due to a self reported drop in funds but with her savings account having been well and truly invigorated by her new career on the popular snap platform, she could easily foot the $1 million expected cost to realise her return and start her own crew to compete in the Bathurst 1000.

“I am looking to buy my own team, I get offers every second day to go and race in somebody else’s car. There are lots of opportunities and options keeping the hope and the dream alive, but I would like to do it myself.”

Image Source: Toowoomba Chronicle

Gracie is counting on a wildcard entry into the Bathurst 1000 which allows her to skip other various other costly supercar stages.

Two and four racers each year get this spot, often to retired drivers or popular celebs to up the spectacle.

Gracie’s motor career began in 2013 in go-karting before moving to the Dunlop Supercars series. Indy Car driver Simona de Silvestro was her racing partner at Bathurst in both 2015 and 2016, with the all-female duo finishing in 21st and 14th place respectively.

She quit the sport soon after, ending her six-year stint as a professional driver but now is ready to come back and make the sport exciting again.

“I don’t think anyone in Australia would be able to generate the interest that I would attract, V8s is pretty boring at the moment – I haven’t been able to get through an entire race this year.”

Gracie admitted that this is an expensive sport to compete in revealing if drivers crash they would be saving money writing it off completely rather than getting minor damage.


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