(Review) Faith in Face 'EYE AM NOT TIRED' Eye Mask

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ISTHATPATCHY is back again with a new content on my blog~ I have been struggle on updating the blog without annoying someone on coding plus I resigned myself from the old job I had which was a real struggling. Anyway, now I’m back!!! Who’s ready for some review??
I personally always have baggy and panda eyes from allergies soooo it’s always my weak spot but I have some challenge from Faith in Face brand with their product called  ‘EYE AM NOT TIRED’ Hydro Gel Eye Mask so I gave it a try by received this product for FREE! from And here is my review.
[accordion title=”BARE IT ALL” id=”Step0″]
As you can see that my eyes are baggy and panda!
[accordion title=”De PACKAGE” id=”Step1″]
There are 4 packages inside the box
01-Box 03-4Packs 04-Package
[accordion title=”Peel me off” id=”Step2″]
In 1 silver bag contain a pair of hydro gel eye mask.
05.1-Inside 05.2-Inside 05.3-Inside
[accordion title=”LET’S DO IT!!!!” id=”Step3″]
Apply to both under your eyes. Don’t forget to push it a lil bit on your skin!!!
06.1-Put it on 06.2-Put it on 06.3-Push the cream
[accordion title=”HOW DO I LOOK LIKE?!” id=”Step4″]
After leaved it on for 30 mins. Here comes the result we all have been waiting for!!
07-After 30 Mins 08-Peel them off 09 - Push them in
[accordion title=”SAY GOODBYE TO PANDY!! HELLO TO NEW ME!!” id=”Step5″]
After using it, all I can say is it’s kinda worth the investment. I’m planning on continually purchase this product you really can’t see the different after 1 time of using but I adore how my undies feels like when I have it on or after I remove the mask.
10- my eyes are not tired
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