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Rhea Ripley Wins at Mania

The Pride of Adelaide and all of Australia

Rhea Ripley’s match at Wrestlemania 2023 was a bloody ripper. She smashed Charlotte Flair to win the SmackDown women’s championship for the first time. She nailed the Riptide from the second rope to pin Flair after a tough stoush. Ripley made history as the first Aussie to win at Wrestlemania in 2021 when she won the RAW women’s championship, and she backed it up in 2023 by winning the Royal Rumble and then the SmackDown women’s title.

She also got an epic reaction from the crowd and from Flair herself, who looked chuffed with her opponent. Ripley is one of the top guns in WWE right now and has a bright future ahead of her. She also gives a vibe that she’d love to have a crack at Bianca Belair, who is the current RAW women’s champion. That would be a bonza match to see!

The reaction to Rhea Ripley’s win at Wrestlemania 2023 was mostly positive and emotional. She got heaps of support and cheers from the fans who were stoked to see her finally beat Charlotte Flair and win the SmackDown women’s title. She also got a respectful nod from Flair herself, who smiled and had blood on her face after the match. Ripley even broke character and whispered “Thank you” to Flair before pinning her, which touched many fans who saw it as a sign of gratitude and admiration.

Some fans also raved about the match as one of the best of the night and a potential main event. However, not everyone was happy with Ripley’s win. Some fans were puzzled and peeved by her soft challenge to Bianca Belair on the RAW after WrestleMania, which seemed to undermine her SmackDown brand loyalty and her heel persona. Ripley explained that she did it to show respect to Belair and to tease a possible future match between them.

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