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Richard Evans is rated #5Stars

At 20 years of age, and having started wrestling only a little over a year ago. Richard Evans has some of the best high flying moves you will see. He is a fantastic, rising star coming out of Costa Rica. He has so much potential and will be someone that will be known around the world in years to come. He has the determination and the passion for success, he is definitely a five star performer.
At age nine, Richard started watching wrestling and fell in love with it from day one. His favourite wrestler being Shawn Michaels because of the fact that Michaels wasn’t the biggest guy on the card, but always consistently had one of the best matches of the night. It was WrestleMania 25, Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker that made Richard pursue a career in professional wrestling.

Began training at Costa Rica Wrestling Embassy (then known CMLL: Costa Rica) by Mexican wrestling great, Escualo. Six months later, he would make his in ring debut. Richard’s favourite match of his career thus far, is a two out of three falls match against his trainer Escualo.
Richard’s dream is work worldwide at promotions such as NJPW, ROH, WCPW, PWG. As well as various other promotions across the USA, UK, Spain and Australia.
Follow Richard Evans on Twitter: ‪@Richard5vans

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