Image Source: Rrawun Official Facebook Page

Rrawun Maymuru and Nick Wales | NIMA Indigenous Language Award 2020

‘Nyapillilngu (Spirit Lady)’

Nyapillilngu (pronounced ‘Na-pil-lil-new’) is the spirit lady that protects the passage between the Earth and Milky Way. She looks after this land and the spirit of this land; from Earth to the Milky Way to ensure safe passage between both dimensions. Her totem is the Guwak a type of scrub turkey who links her to the clans Managalili. Ritharrngu , Gupabuyngu and Gumatj and carries her messages to them. It is these clans that Yolngu Songman Rrawun Maymuru is a descendant of. The collaboration between Rrawun Maymuru and Nick Wales won the NIMA Indigenous Language Award in 2020.

The National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMAs) are recognised as one of Australia’s most prominent Indigenous music awards and have been celebrating Australian music for nearly two decades.

The NIMAs showcase the rich musical landscape of Australia and highlight the music coming from all corners of the country. The Awards bring together acts who are yet to make their mark on the world alongside those who have achieved international acclaim, such as Gurrumul & Jessica Mauboy.

Held annually under the stars at Darwin’s historic Amphitheatre, The NIMAS bring audiences from all over Australia together to applaud the winners, enjoy the performances and soak up the ambiance of a night for music lovers of all ages and all cultures. Musicians such as Yothu Yindi, Gurrumul, The Tableland Drifters, Warren H. Williams and Arnhem Land rockstars Saltwater Band have performed and won awards as well.

The NIMAs are a special celebration of Indigenous music: a family friendly, not-to-be-missed event in the Darwin entertainment calendar and the Australian music calendar.

In 2020 due to COVID-19 they were broadcasted on Australian TV and online.