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Scouse or Die: Craig West

From Liverpool, UK, Craig West is a guy that has taken over the UK independent wrestling scene. It was ECW One Night Stand in 2005, when legendary luchador Super Crazy did an unforgettable moonsault off the balcony in a three way dance against Little Guido and Yoshihiro Tajiri that inspired Craig to become a professional wrestler. Wanting to emulate his inspiration, ten years later in September of 2015, Craig began his dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

Having had the opportunity to learn and train with the likes of Andy Baker from RWA UK, Big Walter, “The Product” David Starr, as well as legends such as Dr Tom Pritchard and Rip Rogers. It’s not hard to see why Craig West is one of the best upcoming talents coming out of the UK right now.
Wrestling a very unique and entertaining style from chain wrestling to high flying, he is amazing to watch. Craig can have brilliant matches with pretty much anyone, especially guys like Ricochet, Christopher Daniels, Lio Rush and of course Super Crazy.

Coming off a recent tour of the USA, be sure to keep an eye out for Craig West. Consistently having great matches, with the ability, talent and the work ethic that he possesses, there is no doubt he has a huge future ahead of him. For years to come, “The Scouse” will be traveling around the world a lot more, accomplishing his dreams and being a star in professional wrestling.

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