Skype for Web now allowing Calls

With Skype for Web, users will be able to also make calls in both a landline and mobile network to Skype and non-Skype users.
Microsoft’s service can be used directly for use in the browser without having to locally install a desktop client. This requires the prior purchase of Skype credits, but the added conveninece (especially if you find yourself stuck out in the world) is enough to push the feature out there into Microsoft’s sphere of influence.
Another bonus is the in-browser chat, when you send (say) a YouTube videos this can now be viewed directly in the chat window. The function also integrates other platforms such as Google Hangouts. Microsoft and Google working together? What an age we live in!
Also being inherited from the desktop client is adding callers without account… we could call it… a Contact List? But the added bonus to that is allowing non-users to get into a chat.


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