The iPhone 6S+ is coming Sep. 25

In addition to the iPhone 6s, Apple introduced the iPhone 6s Plus, the second “big phone” (must I use the term Phablet?) in Apple’s history. Here we present the most striking features of the new model:
[image src=’’ width=’155′ height=’313′ title=” align=’right’]Unlike the iPhone 6s, which offers 4.7″ screen, Apple bumps the iPhone 6s Plus to 5.5″. The display sizes are comparable to the previous, largely unchanged – as is the resolution. This was to be expected since this isn’t a “number upgrade” and is more to happen for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus if it is to happen.
What is new is the pressure-sensitive Force-touch display that can distinguish three different degrees of pressure stages. In this way, iOS 9 will operate faster and execute frequently used functions more comfortable. Apple calls this 3D Touch.
The housing is made of a harder aluminum, which should be possible to bend only by very strong pressure. Thus Apple banishes any chance for another #Bendgate
The predecessor had no performance problems, and we see that trend continuing with the new Apple A9 processor which is more efficient and powerful than the previous A8 processor. In particular, the graphics and (therefore gaming) performance has increased.
The camera takes shots now in 12 megapixels also the Frontcam takes 5 megapixel shots. Best. iPhone. Camera. Ever.
The release of the iPhone 6s Plus takes place on September 25 – Pre-orders started from 12 September and still ongoing (as of this posting). You can get it in 128GB, 64GB and… 16GB if you’re really into cloud storage. The iPhones 6s Plus is available in the colors silver, space grey, gold and the new rose gold (essentially a metallic pink).


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