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Togey "A Tale Of Evil" Episode 1- In the Beginning… (An Action Audio Drama)


My name is Ryan West. Throughout the inter-webs I am known as Mrwest16. About four years ago I started work on this series called Togey, A Tale Of Evil, an Audio Drama highly influenced by the Action Oriented Anime series, Dragon Ball Z. Only recently did I actually complete the ENTIRE first season. This series itself makes use of multitudes of SFX, but you will notice almost straight away where a large chunk of it has come from. But in terms of the story, that is where the similarities between DBZ and my show, come to an end.

This series is distinctive by the fact that it does NOT follow the plight of a heroic man in search of peace and prosperity, but a villainous man in search of chaos and destruction. Along the way he meets a cavalcade of characters both friendly and antagonistic in nature as they help him to achieve his goal of, let’s say, Ultimate Perfection.

The series features voice talent from a very large pool of Amateur Voice Actors from various Voice Acting websites. Chiefly from the Voice Acting Alliance, but also from Vocal Loco. But also quite a few voice over cameos from many other Audio Drama Studios spewed across the Internet.

My brand is known as WestSociety. And I hope that all of you at FNX will be entertained by what we have to produce for you.

To cap off the series, we begin with Episode One. This episode is not an overall perfect representation of what this series is all about, but the quality changes dramatically as the series progresses. So what you listen to here, will feel quite different later on as the series progresses and more and more episodes are posted to the website.

In total there are fourteen episodes, consisted within the first season, with a second season currently in production. As the first season progress there were a few significant casting changes along the way, but it in no way should it mar your enjoyment of this series.

Warning: This series contains Mature content, Listeners Discretion is advised. 


“A Tale of Evil.”

Series Synopsis 
In the beginning, our world was not much different than your own. But after the advent. Of modern technology it  eventually collapsed, a chunk of the technology was salvaged but for those who lost a piece of the pie, their lives changed.
The world has been mixing old and new ideas ever since this momentous collapse. These ideas had become something of which you’d only read in Myth or legend, but not in our world.
One of the most precious and outrageous of these new ideas was the manifestation of human energy. It was always possible but never practical, until now. The ability to go inside and pull out your electrical impulses and concentrate it into a beam of light was never even a thought in the history of mankind. But now, over seventy percent of the world’s population uses it. Why? You might ask. Simple. To control the world…
There have been those seeking to become the most powerful Mana energy user in existence, some even claiming to have already reached the pinnacle. But only one has truly reached that ending clause… and I plan to be the second. My name is Togey, and I’m going to be the most powerful person you will ever meet.

Episode 1: In The Beginning…

The Cast


Togey: TriPredRavage (Episodes 1-3) (Recast by Episode 4
Lena: Amber Lee Conners AKA S h u d o – R a n m a r u (Episodes 1-6) (Recast in Episode 7)
Fumo: River Kanoff
Saya: Natalie Van Sistine AKA dragonknighttara (Ep 1,2,4) (Recast in Episode 5)
Pearl: Danielle McRae AKA Fairuza
The Insane Man/Déméns: Ryan West AKA Mrwest16 (Me)




Naruto OST
Original Music from Newgrounds/Youtube
Music from a few different Video Games
Gantz OST
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