USA v Chile | Group Stage 2019

FIFA Women's World Cup | Parc des Princes

All 24 teams performed twice at France 2019 now, and the last 16 teams are prepared to play in nine. Group F competitors Sweden and the USA have been the newest in qualifying with second consecutive victory and their victory over Chile, regardless of how they are confronted by England on Wednesday, has also secured Japan its position. This heavy group takes part in a replacement match in the Lionesses, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Canada.

“One of the ideas was to get more depth with Claudia Soto at the start, connecting with Daniela Zamora, however, it didn’t work out. Then we replaced her for ‘Paloma’ López to reinforce the defense and get some fast recovery forward, but in the end, against a team like the U.S., that didn’t work out.”
Jose Letelier, Chile Head Coach

But the United States and Sweden’s rivals were not without a battle. Chile has bravely struggled and truly excellent player Christiane Endler, and few objectives will be cheered on by the same tasteful neutrals who welcomed early Thailand comfort to Kanjana Sung-Ngoen.

“I’m sad for the defeat, but happy for my performance. I prepared intensely this last year to come to the world cup and perform to the best of my ability. It’s a mix of feelings, but I’m satisfied to have played like this, especially here, at this stadium that’s my home. The football world powers (USA) have years of advantage compared to us in the development and support of women’s football. Our league in Chile is still amateur and many of our players have had to leave the country to play professionally. Despite the result, being here is a real accomplishment for us. This must be the beginning of something bigger and more important so more girls can dedicate themselves to the game professionally.”
Christiane Endler, Player of the Match

Between Chile and the USA, there is plenty of post-match affection. A 3-0 US win might have been worse if not for Paris Saint German guard heroic Cristiane Endler. A win of three minutes would have been worse. The endeavor of Chile was admirable, because in her nation women’s football is yet budding. La Roja’s nice show.

“Every player wants the same thing and they want to play maximum minutes and that’s what you want as a coach for sure. The fact that she’s (Carli Lloyd) now scored three goals, I don’t think she could be in a better spot (to start). I also know she’s ready to do whatever she needs to for the team. Christiane Endler was fantastic, we were aware of her skill, she’s a world-class goalkeeper. I thought their spirit was magnificent, total credit to Chile. We knew Endler was always going to keep them in the mix. As far as the golf clap celebration, I didn’t notice it. If it was Carli, that was a shout out to her husband. He’s a big golf fan… In case you didn’t know.”
Jill Ellis, USA coach

This loss is not unexpected but painful for Chile. If not for the world class output of Christiane Endler, the rating could have been greater. Now Chile has to focus on gaining three wins against Thailand and attempt to close the gap if it is to qualify for the 16th round.