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Vale Scott Hall

One More Tribute For The Bad Guy

A hugely influential Superstar, Hall began his career in 1984, performing with various organisations across the country before joining World Championship Wrestling in 1991 as The Diamond Studd. In 1992, Hall signed with World Wrestling Federation and introduced fans all over the world to the character of Razor Ramon, becoming a four-time Intercontinental Champion and one of the most enduring personas of WWF’s “New Generation.” He participated in memorable rivalries against Kevin Nash, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and manyothers, with his two Ladder Matches against Michaels at WrestleMania X and SummerSlam 1995 both seen as all-time classics by fans and industry peers alike. In 1996, Hall re-joined WCW and joined Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan as the founding members of the nWo – the New World Order – revolutionising the sports-entertainment industry and ushering in the Monday Night Wars.

After retiring from the ring, Hall capped off a one-of-a-kind career by being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as Razor Ramon in 2014 and again as a member of the nWo in 2020.

Before he passed, Kevin Nash his long term friend and colleague left his own tribute:

“I’m going to lose the one person on this planet I’ve spent more of my life with than anyone else. My heart is broken and I’m so very sad. I love Scott with all my heart but now I have to prepare my life without him in the present. I’ve been blessed to have a friend that took me at face value and I him. When we jumped to WCW we didn’t care who liked or hated us. We had each other and with the smooth Barry Bloom we changed wrestling both in content and pay for those……alot that disliked us…

We were the “Outsiders ” but we had each other.

…Scott always felt he wasn’t worthy of the afterlife. Well God please have some gold plated toothpicks for my brother. My life was enriched with his take on life. He wasn’t perfect but as he always said “The last perfect person to walk the planet they nailed to a cross ” As we prepare for life without him just remember there goes a great guy you ain’t going to see another one like him again. See Ya down the road Scott. I couldn’t love a human being any more than I do you”

Vale Scott Hall.

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