watchOS 2 to bring major changes to Apple Watch

At today’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple elaborated on some major changes to watchOS, the compact software that powers the Apple Watch. New exciting bells and whistles in watchOS 2 finally embrace support for native apps, third-party notifications, communications enhancements, improved health and fitness performance, new Siri capabilities, and more.
That’s a lot of new!
With watchOS 2, Apple Watch apps intend intended aims are to see some major updates for a better ‘user experience’.. Developers are going to be given opportunities to build apps that run entirely on the Apple Watch, rushing up launch speeds, and they are conjointly given access to an entire host of Apple Watch varied features.
Developers have access to the ‘Taptic Engine’, to create exteroceptive notifications into third-party applications, and they are conjointly obtaining access to inbuilt detectors (accelerometer and also the cardiac pulse sensor) meaning third-party apps are going to be ready to track your movement and pulse rate, contributing that knowledge to the Activity app on the Apple Watch. Apps can even access the mic and play videos.
Apple is introducing new watch faces, with the flexibility to show a photo or an album into a watch face. after you choose an album, you will see a unique icon from that album whenever you raise your wrist. Apple’s additionally debuted a brand new Time Lapse watch face, that shows world renowned locations from all over the world shot over 24 hours after you check out your watch. With the London Time Lapse, for instance, if you check up on your watch at midday, you will see London at noon.
More 3rd Party potential features include:
[list style=’regular’]
[list_item]On the fly flight times[/list_item]
[list_item]Live Sports Scores[/list_item]
[list_item]Charge level of an Electric Car[/list_item]
[list_item]Time Travel…… In the sense of upcoming weather and event schedules[/list_item]
WatchOS 2 is gaining a Nightstand mode which will be activated while the watch is charging, that displays the time and includes timer options. New communication features embody the power to feature more than 12 friends and also the ability to send sketches in multiple colours. it will even be attainable to reply to Mail messages using dictation, and FaceTime Audio is supported.
Siri’s gaining some enhancements, as well as the flexibility to begin workouts with commands like “Go for a 5-mile run” or “Go for a 300-calorie bike ride.” Siri may also mention glances for users currently in watchOS 2, and may access Transit directions.
Some of the new updates to iOS 9, that embrace Transit directions and store credit and debit cards in Apple Pay are mirrored inside watchOS 2 additionally, and therefore the Apple Watch will gain a significant iOS feature with watchOS 2. Activation Lock. Activation Lock on Apple Watch can stop another user from wiping or activating the Apple Watch if it’s lost or taken.
WatchOS 2 are accessible for registered developers starting nowadays, permitting them to start building apps with the new options. it will be accessible to the general public within the fall aboard iOS 9 and will be a free update.


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