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Weird Bell Ends & Hairy Schmoo

HUNGRY FOR MORE!!!! check out the new podcast from the Highly Recommended Show over at www.mixcloud.com/TheHighShow featuring Deano and his other mate (for he only has 2) Jamie where they drink beer and listen to music. It’s only available to stream from that site for copyright reasons but well worth tuning in to discover what weird warped and wanky music they listen to.

[button text=”DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE” url=”http://www.omnycontent.com/d/clips/c630d2b5-5790-490b-b79b-a5fa00871643/81873715-a4b5-45e2-9526-a5fa008f31a2/4e8e7e0c-6056-4403-b6da-a60600b0e0e3/audio.mp3″ size=”large” type=”inverse” icon=”folder-open” iconcolor=”white” target=”_blank”]

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