Mario RPG Coming in November
Mario RPG Coming in November
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What to expect from Super Mario RPG

Roleplaying Mario is upon us

It’s time to dust off your Nintendo Switch and prepare for a classic adventure with a roleplaying twist. We’re talking about none other than the first-ever Mario RPG, overhauled and re-imagined for the Nintendo Switch – Super Mario RPG!

In this whimsical quest, you’ll assemble a group of unlikely heroes and set out to repair the wish-granting Star Road. But hold onto your plumber berets, because things take a turn for the unexpected when Bowser, our favourite troublemaker, kidnaps Princess Peach. It’s a job for Mario, of course, but when he confronts Bowser at Bowser’s Keep, an even more colossal villain crashes the party – Exor the Giant Sword.

Exor’s dramatic entrance shatters the Star Road, causing chaos and sending everyone flying. Now, it’s up to Mario to not only rescue the princess but also gather new allies and uncover the sinister plans of the Smithy Gang. They’re concocting a scheme that could spell calamity for the Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario is the only one who can put a stop to it.

As you venture through this fantastical world, you’ll find yourself navigating labyrinthine forests, spooky sewers, fast-flowing rivers, and much more. Your mission: collect the scattered pieces of the Star Road and restore peace to a world where wishes come true.

The journey won’t be all plumbers and power-ups, though. Super Mario RPG brings a unique twist to the Mario universe with turn-based battles. You’ll need to take on enemies in strategic confrontations, and timing is the key to success. With Action Commands, you can increase your damage output or reduce the damage you receive. Perfect timing lets you damage all enemies at once while defending at just the right moment can help you avoid damage entirely.

Mario RPG Coming in November

Mario RPG Coming in November

Every time you nail an Action Command, the Action Gauge fills up, and when it’s full, you can unleash a devastating Triple Move. The beauty of it is that the move changes depending on your current party, so get creative with different character combos to find the perfect synergy.

Speaking of your party, it’s an unlikely crew of heroes that’ll join you in your quest. From the ever-brave Mario, who sets out to rescue Princess Peach and thwart the villains’ evil plans, to the friendly Mallow, the mysterious puppet Geno, and even the not-so-bad Bowser himself, your team is a real ragtag bunch.

And let’s not forget the motley crew of enemies you’ll encounter on your journey. The Smithy Gang, like metallic marauders from a steam punk dream, have unleashed their minions upon the land. Be prepared to face the likes of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and other classic baddies who have joined forces with the Gang.

But the real magic comes from your party members, each wielding unique Specials. Mario can put his signature jump to good use, Mallow sends sparks flying with lightning, and each party member has more tricks up their sleeves as they level up. These Specials can be both offensive and defensive, so mix and match to find the perfect strategy for each encounter.

So, grab your Nintendo Switch, and get ready to dive into the nostalgic world of Super Mario RPG. Use the combined strength of Mario and his unlikely allies to restore the Star Road and make wishes a reality once again. It’s an adventure like no other, and you’re in for a ripper of a time!

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