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Why Championships Matter

With Joe Rogan coming out and saying that what’s the point of championships, I have a counter point. They do matter. Rather than looking at them as just a hunk of gold on a leather strap I say that Championships matter due to the fact of their history and their significance. Before I go any further I’m going to say this, I love WWE and pro wrestling. Yeah, I know it’s comparing apples to oranges but let me say this. The WWE title has been around since 1963, so when people talk about significant titles in Pro wrestling that’s up the top. I say that UFC titles mean the same thing too, I would’ve said Pride titles but obviously, that’s not an option anymore. Let’s look back at some of the champions that the UFC has had that makes me say this. Anderson Silva, Matt Hughes, Matt Serra, GSP, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, and many many more. Holding that strap means that you are the best in your division bar none and until someone takes that title away from you it means that you are the best.
With more and more title fights being exhibition fights more than rankings I think it adds more prestige to the title if the number 1 contender does get his shot. Big money fights just mean that when the number 1 contender gets to it fight the champion it means that the title has more eyes on it due to previous fights. The champion of each division means that there is someone good enough to be the face of a division and a man/woman to be the best fighter in the world in the best company.
Now there’s only 2 first time champions who are still the champ, Demetrious Johnson and the new champion Germaine de Randamie. These two fighters have the very difficult task of bringing prestige to their title. Demetrious has done a brilliant job with that being that he is the best flyweight in the world and will soon be defending his title for the tenth time. Germaine is yet to be to seen whether or not she can bring prestige to her title and whether or not people shall watch her defend her title.
This is why I think titles matter, rather then just gold and leather they should be seen for the symbol that they are and the history that they represent.
Frank Sutton

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