Image Source: Microsoft
Image Source: Microsoft

Windows 10’s Service Pack’ish Update

1909 brings in some much needed and highly requested features

Windows 10 version 1909, officially also called November Update, the next major Windows 10 update is available. Microsoft has already played the update tonight, but not in all ways. How you get it and what you can expect from the November update, we show you here.

There are major feature updates for Windows 10 twice a year, so is the golden update rule at Microsoft. In contrast to all previous feature updates of Windows 10, Windows 10 version 1909 (internally called 19H2) keeps a strong eye on novelties. Microsoft does not have any major new features, but the Fall 2019 update is instead a kind of service pack that fixes bugs and improves stability and performance, such as optimizing resource allocation to the CPU and improving notebook battery life.

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For the final November update, a visit to Windows Update is sufficient from version 1903. You do not have to spend a lot of time installing a new system. Instead, you install the new Windows like a security patch or, in this case, just as well as a service pack. This works much faster than other major Windows updates. However, if you do not rely on the May Update, Windows 10 will be delivered in the normal update way in 1909, that is, it is an extensive feature update, as we are used to from previous versions.

The official build number for Windows 10 1909 is 18363.418. But Microsoft has used the last few weeks to develop smaller updates again, so that after a further update the version counter stands at 18363.476. The easiest way to November update is currently through Windows Update. You can also download the November update via the Media Creation Tool. This is an update, but also a creating a new installation is possible.

The version number 1909 indicates only roughly a completion in October 2019. As described above, the Windows Update is the best place to go for anyone new to version 1903. Otherwise, from the final release you can of course also use the alternative Microsoft tools, such as Update Assistant (not yet updated) and Media Creation Tool (get version 1909 already). Please note that it is advisable to backup the entire system before updating.

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Improved search in Explorer.

What many users will enjoy, the search in Explorer gets an update. It works faster and makes typing suggestions as you type in a list, as you would expect from Google and Windows Search. Technically, the explorer search cooks their own soup so far, now it relies on the Windows Search algorithm. Nice side effect: You can also use it to crawl OneDrive content. And as soon as you click on the right search hit, you end up at the right place.

Notifications and Info Center

Most has been done in Windows 10 1909 around notifications and info center. Sounds can now be completely turned off for all notifications with one click, a good thing. The display order of the notifications has also changed. You can see the latest notifications first, that was long overdue. But who does not like that, can also adjust the sorting by name. Basically, you do not necessarily have to dive into the settings for every adjustment; also directly at the notifications one can disconnect now for example notifications.

Faster calendar

In the built-in calendar, users with Windows 10 1909 can now create new entries directly from the desktop. So you do not have to open the calendar app anymore. For this to work, simply click on the clock in the task bar and set the new event.

Fine tuning at the start menu

There’s not much that has changed on the Start menu, but in version 1909, for example, you do not have to click on the shutdown icons to select “reboot”, for example. It is enough to move the mouse over the icon. Of course the same applies to settings.

Alexa on the lock screen

Microsoft says goodbye but slowly from his language assistant Cortana. Although this is still part of Windows 10, but Microsoft opens Windows 10 1909 for the competition, that Alexa & Co. can also connect via the lock screen on Windows 10 1909.