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With Jason Jordan’s possible return, reuniting American Alpha is what the RAW tag team division needs

Although RAW’s tag team division does include the likes of Deleters of Worlds, The B Team, Authors of Pain, Titus Worldwide, The Revival, The Ascension, Slater and Rhyno and Breezango (though Fandango is currently injured). RAW still lacks some competitive depth in the tag team division as compared to Smackdown Live.

That’s why it is the perfect time for WWE to reunite Chad Gable and Jason Jordan and form American Alpha again if Jason Jordan returns from injury.

American Alpha were one of the most popular perfomers during their time in NXT. Becoming the NXT Tag Team champions, whilst consistently having fantastic matches, as well as a memorable feud with Dash and Dawson.

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Their move up to the main roster started with a lot of potential early on. Having a good feud with The Uso’s and would go on to win the Smackdown tag team championships in a four way elimination match to close out 2016 on a high note. However, they would lose the tag team titles just a few months later.

Later on that summer, Jordan moved over to RAW after he was revealed to be the illegitimate son of Kurt Angle. Whist Gable stayed on Smackdown and formed a tag team with the returning Shelton Benjamin until they were split up in the most recent Superstar Shake-Up, which saw Chad Gable get moved over to RAW.

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Should WWE reunite American Alpha, it could turn out to be exactly what the RAW tag team division needs going forward.

There are definitely some intriguing matchups and great rivalries to be had for American Alpha on RAW. With the potential to re-create their great rivalry with The Revival on the main roster. As well as continue their rivalry with the Authors of Pain, a rivalry that didn’t really got resolved in NXT.

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