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World of Warcraft Classic

Relive the adventure in 2019


WoW Classic. Source: Blizzard.

Relive an era of timeless adventure in World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard Entertainment’s upcoming recreation of the original massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Join heroes of the Horde and Alliance old and new on an epic journey across the fantasy world of Azeroth as it was prior to WoW’s seven game-changing expansions.

  • CRAFTING AN AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE – With WoW Classic, Blizzard is committed to restoring and recreating WoW’s original content and gameplay experience as authentically as possible. Aid Mankrik on his tragic quest in an era before the Barrens was sundered in two; raid Molten Core with level-60 heroes’ original abilities and talents; regale the inns of Azeroth with tales of PvP at Tarren Mill; and much more.
  • Source: Blizzard.

    CLASSIC GAMEPLAY; MODERN TECHNOLOGY – Play with the conveniences of modern Blizzard Battle.net and WoW technology such as Blizzard friends lists; select UI improvements; enhancements designed to ensure stability and fair play; and all the latest under-the-hood engine updates to support players’ current hardware.

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