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WWE Royal Rumble 2017

I don’t do this a lot as we normally just cover Aussie wrestling on Wrestle Radio Australia but thought I’d do just a quick spoiler free review of the Royal Rumble as it’s pretty much my favourite event of the year.
Also not going to bother with the pre show, just too damn long.
Main Show

Charlotte v Bayley
Good match, told the nice beginnings of a mania story
(Side note – don’t make me sit the “rumble 30 facts” thing during the show as well)

Owens v Reigns
Possibly the best match I’ve seen from Roman

Neville v Swan
If this was a New Japan show fanboys would’ve raved about this
(Side note – didn’t realize Big Es knees were that jacked up until that Vudu ad, massive surgery scars)

AJ v Cena
Different pacing to this match (start especially) made the change of tempo mean something toward the end. Who ever thought they’d see a submission trade off with Cena??
Great exchange of near falls had the crowd out of their seats!!
Awesome match no matter who won it really and a lot can happen at Elimination Chamber
(Side note – I don’t need to see the Seth Rollins angle recap 4 times in one night)

Royal Rumble Match Quick Notes
– Braun booked very well but we all knew he would be (personally I think he has massive potential)
– Show looked in amazing shape as well
– 10…. that is all
(Side note – Corbin doesn’t look as impressive when guys like Sheamus are standing by him)
– Gotta give it to Miz he’s the first to feed into a new guy just about every time
– Lesnar’s entry pretty much tells you that the WWE are putting all their money on the “part timers” to drive Mania and not trying to give the main roster a rub
– One thing I didn’t like is the amount of times I could see the guys sitting around the ring feigning injury watching Goldberg/Lesnar/Taker just standing in the ring
– As soon as number 30 hit my eyes rolled so hard I swear I sprained them.
I don’t particularly understand why the guy that won did but it’s gonna be interesting where they go with it.
I just remember when it was your hottest face or heel won the Rumble but I guess things have changed.
Overall wasn’t a terrible Rumble by any means but definitely lacked the surprise element of past years.
With the pre and main show though it’s just too damn long especially when 60% of that pre show was padding really.
Anyway I’m Todd Eastman and that’s my opinion and you’re all entitled to it.

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