Something To Wrestle with Bruce Pritchard Australian tour presented by Destroy All Lines

WWE’s Bruce Prichard Rings in The Eternal Fight Podcast: A Focus on Women in Combat Sports

"I think when you look at the women's division right now, it's equal to the men's division. The female talent on the WWE roster are some of the greatest athletes that I've ever encountered in my life. Male or female, it doesn't matter."

What is this concept of “the eternal fight”?

It’s what women globally lived and breathed for generations, to the point where the air today’s still marked by that historical divide.

It’s not only acknowledging that historical divide, but celebrating the women who saw it and carved their own paths. The ones who continue to do it.

Here, now, and in the future.

The Eternal Fight strives to share the stories of the women’s evolution in combat sports, from wrestling to boxing and MMA. Featuring weekly episodes with industry guests and frequent recaps of key events, the podcast amplifies the current and next wave of female groundbreakers. Encounters across WWE seemed like a good place to start, with stories across the independent circuit (and some fight gyms you’ve probably never heard of) to follow. 

It all officially launches today with a special episode, featuring WWE’s Senior Vice President and creative team member Bruce Prichard. From Friday 22 March, he’s bringing his own podcast ‘Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard’ to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for some nights of killer storytelling.

Sit back in your room, car, train, plane or anywhere else in between, as Bruce sits down for an intimate chinwag about the power of storytelling through podcasting, where NXT’s format could potentially elevate Raw and Smackdown, and the female athletes inspiring him across generations, from the icon Mae Young to current industry game-changer Becky Lynch.

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