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Tokyo Game Show 2014 Playstation

[image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’Welcome to Tokyo Game Show!’ align=’left’]Kon’nichiwa! Welcome to Tokyo Game Show 2014!

We will be bringing you Playstation’s Press Conference! Above is the entire press conference by Sony Playstation where you can see all the news and announcements about both PS4 and Vita titles.
The entire conference is in Japanese of course so if you’d like to watch an english translation version then Playstation is replaying the english version on their ustream page click here.
The Japanese voices are muted and a team of english translators live translate what is being said on stage, The trailers will play like normal so you can watch all the new titles and not miss a thing, The conference goes for an hour as there is plenty of new game announcements that will launch in various regions so grab your snacks, sit back and relax.

System Updates

System update 2.00 for Playstation 4 and System update 3.30 for Playstation Vita is briefly talked about detailing additional changes to the upcoming firmware updates due in the coming weeks, Themes was the highlight this press conference for both devices as users will have the ability to change the background to any theme they want and additional themes related to specific games will be available in the Playstation Store. New applications are announced such as the Playstation Mobile App coming to PS Vita as well as new streaming services for Japan.

Playstation Vita

[image src=’×315.jpg’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’New Pink and White Playstation Vita’ align=’right’]Playstation Vita got lots of love this conference where in previous western events like Gamescom 2014 and E3 2014 the Vita got little to no mention or any announcements about new titles coming to the 2011 portable device.
Sony Computer Entertainment’s President of Japan Asia – Atsushi Morita took to the stage and welcomed the excited audience and thanked them for all their continued support and was strong in bringing new female gamers to the Playstation community, most notably by presenting a new Pink and White PS Vita which will be coming out in March next year for Japan.
In Japan portable gaming is very popular among young Japanese gamers so it was great seeing Vita kick off the show with a huge mountain of games coming out for it in 2015.
Coming soon is new engraved Playstation Vitas as well as personalised home screen themes which comes with the upcoming system update 3.30. On screen was a Freedom Wars theme which means you’ll be able to purchase themes related to games just as you would on the Playstation 3.
Playstation boasted that 600 Vita titles would be the total amount in the near future for Japan which is great news for owners of Vita. The Playstation App which you saw on mobile devices is also coming to Vita soon so you can check out all the announcements and blogs from Playstation just as you would on the mobile application.

New Vita Games

[image src=’′ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’Themes coming to PS4 and Playstation Vita’ align=’right’]The first game announced is developed by Spike Chunsoft and takes place between Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair which is titled Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo: Dangan-Ronpa – Another Episode.
Coming this November is Phantasy Star Nova which is a popular RPG in Japan, Followed by this was Samurai Warrior Chronicles 3 which is a Japan only title coming to both Vita and 3DS. Multiple compilations of new Vita titles were shown in a quick glimpse video that showed off the vast variety of Vita games coming soon in the future.
Way of the Samurai was shown as well as Luminous Arc Infinity which looks like a great in depth RPG game developed by Marvellous Entertainment. A new Gundam game is coming! Many experienced Anime and Manga fans would recognise and appreciate this.
[infobox style=’info’ static=’0′]Lots of female targeted games were shown for the Vita which mainly consisted of romance titles and dating simulators, you can tell Playstation Japan loves the ladies if it wasn’t already obvious by now.[/infobox]

Project Morpheus

The virtual reality headset was showcased shortly with a funny game called Summer Lesson which showed an anime girl giving you lessons and educating you, you nod your head to say yes and shake for no. She reacts to everything you do, especially if you try and peek up her skirt.

[image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’210′ title=’Persona 5 announced for PS4′ align=’left’]Playstation 4

The Playstation 4 section of the show kicked off with the team at Bungie welcoming everyone to Tokyo Game Show and showing off a trailer for Destiny which launches very soon! In fact this september! The white PS4 bundle was also detailed and is available for all gamers in Japan and comes with a free month of Playstation Plus.
Our good buddy Shuhei Yoshida Sony Computer Entertainment’s President of World Wide Studios and various game developers were present for the Playstation 4 section of the show most notably Japanese gaming legend Hideo Kojima from Konami to promote the new Silent Hill game which stars The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus.
On screen was footage of people playing the new P.T demo and being scared out of their minds, Hideo Kojima confessed only one person managed to solve the riddle in the demo and it was a lady from Britain whom many players beg for help to complete.
Shuhei Yoshida walked on stage with a very snazzy looking jacket and boasted about how PS4 sold 10 million worldwide and then ran a pretty lengthy trailer detailing the new Everybody’s Golf game which promises to be more socially active and brings new elements to the game such as the ability to run a resort with a golf course on it and improve it as the game goes on, you can then visit your friend resort and share your own which you can customise in great detail.
[testimonials user=” style=’callout’ name=’Atsushi Morita’ position=’SCE President Japan Asia’ photo=’’]A total of 44 titles were announced during this press conference, We are aware that Japan’s game console market is behind North America and Europe’s but we are united here at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia to bring the momentum to the gaming industry here in Japan.[/testimonials]
Ubisoft took to the stage to promote the new Assassin’s Creed Unity as well as The Crew and Watch Dogs. Japan can experience an exclusive beta test for The Crew which can only be found on Playstation 4, Ubisoft then went on to showcase how inviting a friend to play Far Cry 4 with you works even tho they don’t have the game. The Witch 3: Wild Hunt was shown off which looked beautiful, it’s a huge open world game where the player can travel for miles and have a never ending list of things to do and things to hunt.
[image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’Little Big Planet 3 coming November 2014′ align=’right’]Shuhei Yoshida literally in sparkles (because of his conflicting jacket on screen) showcased Little Big Planet 3. He mentioned also that DLC and levels from the previous 2 Little Big Planet games would carry over so there is going to be plenty of content that will be available straight from kick off and day one gamers will have an endless universe of levels to play and create.
For a limited time only PS4 users can experience The Tomorrow Children which brings a new concept to the world of online and offline playing. You work together online tho not knowing it to help build and preserve a community under attack from various monsters, they call it loose online gameplay as you can still experience it as a single player while still contributing to an online community.
The Order 1886 showed the same trailer we saw at Gamescom 2014 and was described as an alternative history game which shows London how you’v never seen it before. Full of antique guns and machinery with mythical and tough monsters. Each gun is completely different than the last and is designed carefully by masterful designers.
Shuhei Yoshida then got really excited because he was about to show off BloodBorne as well as announce the release date! Apparently it’s coming out in February 2015! The game is the so called successor to Demon Souls and Dark Souls since they are made by the same developers it’s unquestionably going to be the same hardcore difficult experience you’ve all come to love. The game looks stunning on PS4 and is exclusive only to Playstation.
[image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’Disgaea 5 announced for PS4′ align=’right’]In 2015 we will see games like:

  • Kingdom Under Fire 2
  • Let it Die
  • Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War & Nightmare
  • Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair
  • God Eater 2
  • Disgaea 5
  • Persona 5

Next was Capcom to come out and promote Resident Evil remastered in high definition together with new voice actors which western fans will appreciate since the english version of the original was well.. evil.
Capcom also announced Resident Evil: Revelations 2 which promises a brand new storyline and was shown with a creepy trailer of which only consisted of just 3 words at the end which was: “Evil is Watching” The game comes out in 2015.
SEGA came out and showcased the visuals of Yakuza 0 which is set in 1988 and promised average aged Japanese fans that they will recognise the scenery as if they were back in time during their youth. It also comes out for last generation consoles like PS3 which explains why the graphics still look toned down. It will feature cross save with both generations of consoles and is exclusive only to Japan.
[image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’182′ title=’Pirate Warriors 3 coming to PS4′ align=’left’]Namco Bandai came out in a suit of armour, yes I’m serious a suit of armour. They talked a little about the new Dragonball Xenoverse game coming to PS4 as well as One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. They squeezed in a bit more info about the new Gundam game but told the audience to keep their ears open about more details coming into 2015.
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round was previously announced before the show but Koei quickly took it down to announce it at the press conference. It’s coming to PS4 next year and will feature all new stages and characters to fight with, DLC will come with it too so you can wear a totally cool jacket or a very revealing bikini if that’s how you like to fight.
System update 2.00 was only briefly talked about which highlighted themes coming to PS4, on screen they showed the popular Toro and Kuro cats as a dynamic theme which also added custom sounds and a second theme background for when you go to the top bar on the home screen. So finally users can add personalised customisation on their PS4 tho no information was given regarding about uploading your own picture to have as a theme or how much you can change but I’m sure that will be further detailed in the future closer to release.
Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain was only shown for a second but promised more news during Tokyo Game Show over the coming days.
[image src=’’ width=’300′ height=’200′ title=’Ys coming to PS4 and Playstation Vita in 2015′ align=’right’]Atsushi Morita started talking about how Japan was lagging behind Europe and North America in PS4 sales but ensured that they are dedicated to show why you should jump aboard this holiday season and make you realise the great potential and experiences each device has to offer.
He started to close the show with more quick glimpse videos with that saw even more new games coming, this time with some Vita titles as well mostly notably Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark ForceSenran Kagura: Estival Versus and Ys.
Square Enix quickly ran out and closed the show to promote their new title Dragon’s Quest Heroes which is also being worked on by Omega Force which is a huge studio now in Japan, to celebrate this hugely popular title Playstation is launching an exclusive Metal Slime Playstation 4 for Japan only.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy all the fantastic games coming out of Japan! Remember to leave a comment below and give us your feedback about the games.

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